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Why Do Businesses Prefer Cloud Storage To Local Storage?

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When it comes to cloud solutions, it helps one keep their data online that can be accessed from any part of the world. With the assistance of this facility, not only can you store your personal photos or music but, it can also help businesses to store data and essential documents that don’t need access to all.

It not only helps businesses store data but also has accounts separately for different purposes. The primary purpose of the cloud storage option is to keep confidential files secure and sound. It can only be accessed by authorized professionals. You can have access to your cloud storage solution via mobile or even through a desktop. All it needs is a strong internet connection.

It has been seen that the storage solution providers are moving towards a united interface. But, the difference still exists. You can choose between different operations and platforms through the cloud as well. If you are still thinking about what gives cloud storage an upper hand over local storage, then we are here to help. But, let’s first understand what is a cloud storage and local storage.

Cloud Storage: A Brief Overview

When it comes to cloud storage, it is basically a storage solution that allows one to keep their data that can be accessed remotely from any location with the assistance of the Internet. While implying cloud storage solutions, businesses need the assistance of the experts to get it configured as per their operating model.

But, it has been seen that businesses can boost their revenue multi-fold by implying cloud solutions. It helps them streamline their business procedure and eventually makes it easy for them to access the data from any part of the world. The business can get access to any file on-demand as all it needs is an authorization. There are three forms of cloud storage solutions. Take a look:

  • Public Cloud Solution: When it comes to public cloud service, Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS are a few examples. These facilities allow you to store your business data online and that too without having to build an infrastructure for the same.
  • Private Cloud Solution: Private cloud solutions can only be accessed by one organization. If your organization has high-value data that needs an extra layer of security, then you can always consider private cloud solutions. It is a perfect option to store data from healthcare service providers, government organizations, or financial institutions. An organization can imply private cloud solutions with the assistance of a third-party vendor.
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: When it comes to Hybrid cloud solutions, it comes with the benefits of both public and private cloud storage solutions. It can help organizations have robust cloud storage solutions at an enterprise level. It comes with attributes of enhanced flexibility where business can imply some documents to private cloud mode and some to a public cloud model.

Local Storage: A Brief Overview

When it comes to local storage, it is basically a storage solution that is being taken into consideration by yourself. Take a look at a few of the options that you have for the purpose of local storage solutions:

  • Solid State Drives (SSD).
  • Hard Disk Drives(HDD).
  • SD Cards.
  • Optical Disks.
  • Tape
  • USB sticks.
  • And more.

When you are using local storage solutions, you get benefits from immediate access and offline usage as well. If you are not certain about which way to go in terms of storage solution, then below mentioned are the differences that can make it easy to make your decision without any hassle. Let’s get started.

Advantages Of Cloud Vs. Local Storage

As Cloud security experts say, it is your business objectives that define which technology is ideal for your business. It has been seen that many organizations prefer cloud storage solutions over local and below mentioned are the reasons why:

#Information Retrieval

When it comes to data retrieval, it is a procedure that is taken into usage to retrieve the data that has been requested by the user. This process is executed by locally caching the data or requesting the information from the server. The primary benefit of using cloud storage is that you get the data accessed from any part of the world, and that too, as per your convenience.

Undoubtedly it is one of the biggest benefits cloud storages has over local storage because it helps the organizations to carry on with their work at a good pace without having any trouble. It can also be done with local storage with the use of NAS or Network Attached Storage but, you need to manage and update the same regularly.

If something goes wrong, then you might not be able to get access to your data. But, in the case of cloud storage solutions, you get the benefit of high redundancy that ensures that there are no issues in terms of server.

#Enhanced Collaboration

If the project requires teamwork, then it does get difficult in terms of local storage as you need to share the file or other documents after making a change. Not all can work together on the same file. But, with the assistance of cloud solutions, teams from a different location as well can work together. It results in the form of better collaboration that can lead towards better results.

With cloud storage solutions, you get teams working together from different backgrounds and specialities. They get to share different ideas and solutions to avail the objective of the project. But, this is not possible in the case of local storage. So, collaborating on different projects through cloud solutions gives this option the upper hand when compared to local storage. You get the benefit from accessibility attributes, communication tools, sharing functionalities, and more. So, you can easily work with your team and deliver the project without any delay.

#Disaster Recovery

In terms of local storage, it certainly becomes difficult to get back your data if there are any issues with your system. So, it can cause huge damage to a business. But, in the case of cloud storage, data recovery is possible. The third-party vendors who are helping your cloud storage solutions take a backup of your data and keep it secure and safe at an isolated infrastructure. So, you will not have your work hampered by any issues with the cloud storage solution.

Wrap Up

These are the advantages of cloud storage solutions over local storage. It helps you keep your data safe and sound all the time. You can get access to the data without any hassle from any part of the world and eventually enhance the productivity multifold. So, do not hesitate and prefer to cloud storage and give your business an edge to serve better.

Author Bio:
Neha Singh is the co-founder of securium solutions which is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity services and education providing companies in India. She has helped thousands of companies in protecting their businesses from cyber threats and has been adamant about raising the need for cybersecurity in these modern times. When she is not actively taking part in seminars and meetings she can be found reading peacefully in the mountains.

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