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10 Low-Cost Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

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10 Low-Cost Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Starting a small manufacturing business is not easy. Your start-ups require your time and also some investment. There are  lot of people, especially fresh graduates that have a low budget for start-ups.

If you also wish to start something of your own, you have to look at the perfect place to get some ideas about your future business. First, know that small and large both businesses involves high risks. So, it is good to always start with a small business idea and see how it goes.

Everybody has plenty of business ideas, but their ideas lack proper direction. You can’t start a business without proper market research, calculating risks, and talking to an expert in that field.

Starting a business require confidence and time, so if you want to start a small manufacturing business, then you can go through our list and learn more about your ideas.

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Here we have the list of small business ideas that you can start today without a large investment.

1. Handmade Candles

You can start a candle-making business with a small investment at your home. The demand for the candle is more for decoration and religious purposes like during birthday or bridal showers, candles are in high demand.

Now people want candles with specific smells and colors like scented and therapeutic candles. You can start this venture with a minimal investment of Rs. 20,000- Rs. 30,000.

Buy raw materials like wax, molds, threads, aroma oils, artificial colors, etc., for your business. You also have to buy candle-making equipment. Start this business at home, and if it goes well, you can start your candle-making company.

2. Soap and Detergent Manufacturing

Soap and detergent manufacturing is an evergreen business idea in India. People use soap and detergent daily to take a bath and wash their clothes. For this business idea to work, you have to take training and understand making soap and detergent.

You have to use the correct raw material and process to make soap. Many countries like America, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh import soap and detergents from India.

India has the perfect raw material for this business. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to start making soap, and by exporting it, you can earn a large income. You can start this business with a low investment of Rs. 20,000- Rs. 25,000

3. Bakery Products

Manufacturing different bakery products such as biscuits, cookies, cakes, donuts, etc., can be a great business idea if you love baking and cooking. In India, people love to eat bakery products whether they drink evening tea or enjoy a party.

You can set up a small-scale industry at your home, and it takes low investment as well. You can turn this business into a profit-making business by selling your bakery product to different hotels and event management firms.

You can take orders based on the contract and get paid for each order. A small marketing strategy can work well and make your product desirable across town. You can start this business with a low investment of Rs. 30,000- Rs. 35,000.

4. Paper Manufacturing

Papers are used in schools, offices, and colleges and used for billing and recording purposes. So, the demand for paper is always high in every education and government sector.

You can search for a commercial place to set up your paper-making machine. Decide your workspace by the paper quality, size, and volume. The ban on plastic also increases the demand for paper products. People have started using paper bags, paper straws, etc.

You can start your paper-making company and sell the paper to different industries and earn money. The investment requires to start this business is between 1-2 lakhs.

5. Pickle Making

Pickle is everyone’s favorite food item in South Asia. In India, pickles are extremely popular. Every Indian household has a jar of pickles on its kitchen shelf. A Pickle-making business is an easy option for you to start. This kind of business doesn’t require a large investment.

You need around 20,000 to 25,000 to buy fruits and vegetables and some utensils for this business. Indian pickles have also demand in other countries, and you can export them and earn profit.

6. Fertilizer Making Business

Fertilizers are essential for plant growth. Thus they have high demand in India. Farmers need pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers for the growth of their crops in every season.

You can start this business if you like to do farming. India has a land good for growing crops and plants, so about 2-3 land is used for cultivation.

You can start your organic farm and grow plants and vegetables. You can sell them to the market and earn money. This business requires about 30,000-40,000 investment to start.

7. Automobile Parts

The automobile industry is flourishing in India. All the automobile require spare parts to assemble the system. If you know about automobiles, you can start your business of selling spare parts.

Start a small business and make a market for your products. Once you have established the market, you can open your shop and also sell these on the internet. This business requires high-tech machinery and a large space.

You need a capital of almost 5-6 lakh to start this automobile business. You can focus on producing automobile products that are high in demand and convert your small business into a profitable one.

8. Furniture Making

Everyone now wants a stunning interior with the right and unique set of furniture. The demand for different types of furniture is high in the market. If you know woodwork, you can start your shop of furniture making.

This business has good growth prospects and export potential in India. You can make tables, chairs, beds, sofas, etc., for your customers. For this business, you need a capital of 4-5 lakhs.

To grow your business, you need to focus on the wood quality and types of products you are making. This business requires a lot of physical work, but you have to remain focused to earn money.

9. Jewelry Making

Imitation jewelry is quite popular in the middle class in India. Women are fond of matching jewelry, and therefore they buy a lot of imitation jewelry for every event. You need to follow the trend in the jewelry world and use your expertise in making them.

This business is gaining popularity, especially after COVID-19 and the increased price of gold and silver. You can open a small store at your home or sell this jewelry online and earn money by sitting at home.

This is a golden opportunity for young girls to earn money be independent. This business requires minimal investment like 10,000-20,000, and you can start this business from your home.

10. Homemade Masks and Sanitizer

With the situation of COVID-19, the demand for masks and sanitizers has been drastically increasing. Now every person needs a mask and sanitizer for themselves. Every time you leave your house for work or for buying grocery you need to wear a mask.

There are a lot of supermarkets where it quickly becomes out of stock. You can start a small company making homemade masks and sanitizers. This business would not take a large capital. You need material to make those things.

You have to learn the procedure, buy raw material and packing material for your business. It is a good idea for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Wrapping Up:

Investing in a demanding business is like investing in your success. If you want to start your business but have no idea which type of business you should start. Take a look at our list, and we have mentioned ten different small manufacturing businesses for you. You can choose any business depending upon your skillset and budget. Start your business and earn money today.

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