Pixel’s Call Screen feature gets better

Google Pixel’s Call Screen Feature Gets Better At filtering Calls With a New Conversational mode

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Google has introduced clever new features alongside the launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones to enhance its Call Screen feature. These updates aim to empower users in determining which calls to skip and which to take. With the improved AI capabilities, Google claims that the next generation of Call Screen enables Pixel owners to receive 50% fewer spam calls on average, utilizing a more natural-sounding voice for unknown calls. Moreover, the feature now efficiently distinguishes between desired and undesired calls.

1. Virtual Calling Assistant:

During a recent demo, Google’s Call Screen virtual calling assistant, instead of pretending to be human, introduced itself and informed the caller about recording the call on behalf of the recipient. This addresses the criticism faced by previous AI calling features, showcasing Google’s commitment to transparency and user experience.

2 Determining Unwanted Calls:

The advanced AI in Call Screen evaluates the purpose of the incoming call and responds accordingly. For instance, during the demo, a spam call offering an all-expense paid trip was promptly declined, ensuring the recipient doesn’t waste time on unsolicited offers. Additionally, when an airline representative called, Call Screen engaged them by asking for a quick description of the purpose of the call, showing its ability to facilitate specific conversations.

3. Contextual Replies and Increased Convenience

Call Screen is set to offer contextual replies in a future update. This feature will allow users to respond to calls without answering by simply tapping a button. For instance, tapping to confirm a doctor’s appointment without the need for active engagement will provide users with added convenience.

4. Compatibility and Future Developments:

The new generation of Call Screen will expand its compatibility to include Pixel Watch when connected to a Tensor-enabled Pixel phone. These enhancements will be available through a Pixel feature drop later this year.


With Google’s enhanced Call Screen, users can now better filter unwanted calls and engage in meaningful conversations directly from their Pixel devices. The enriched AI capabilities and forthcoming contextual replies feature aim to provide increased convenience and efficiency in managing phone calls.

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