why is electricity important

Why is Electricity Important?

Electricity is a type of energy that we use in our daily lives. It provides us with the power to cook, clean, and even make coffee. But what does electricity do for us? In this article, we will explore four reasons why is electricity important to your life.

1. Electricity is essential for medical care

One of the biggest reasons why electricity is important to our lives is because it helps us with medicine. When someone gets injured, they may need a quick way to stop them from bleeding out. So doctors will use electrical tools like defibrillators or CPR machines on patients that are having heart attacks or stopped breathing.

2. Electricity keeps people warm during winter

In the winter time, many people use heaters to stay warm. One way that we can keep our homes warm is by turning on a space heater or even an electrical blanket. Electricity heats up the material in these items and warms us from head-to-toe! Without electricity, it would be much harder for us to stay warm.

3. Electricity helps us cook our food

Another reason why electricity is important to your life is because it helps you cook your meals! Whether someone likes toast or french fries, they’ll need an oven that can be turned on with electricity. Many people also own microwaves that use electricity, and you can even find appliances like crockpots and toasters that need electricity.

4. Electricity helps us do our laundry

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons why electricity is important is because it helps with your laundry. Many people depend on hand-washing or dryers when they need to get their clothes clean. Dryers are especially helpful if someone doesn’t have time to hang their clothes up outside.

5.  Electricity powers the devices we use daily

When someone is reading this article on their laptop, they are using electricity to do so. Without it, people would not be able to use the computer for anything. Even though we don’t see where our energy comes from, there wouldn’t be any way for us to access information without electricity powering these devices!

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