Why E-commerce Industry is growing so rapidly in Pakistan

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The concept of the E-commerce industry in Pakistan is relatively new and in its early stages.  In 2018-19 E-commerce industry is increased two-fold in Pakistan. E-commerce, also called electronic commerce, is an activity in which people buy or sell products online. Due to the availability of the internet e-commerce industry is growing in Pakistan. Almost all the SMEs and other businesses have their e-commerce sites for the benefit of the people. Many people start freelancing and they setup online ecommerce store for clients.

Development of the Pakistani E-commerce Market

The E-commerce industry starts to develop when the internet becomes common in Pakistan. In 2019 Pakistan was considered the 46th largest E-commerce market in the world. E-commerce in Pakistan continues to produce revenue in 2019 and has a 16% growth rate worldwide.

Growing Trends in E-commerce in other Sectors

Despite businesses, many other sectors have joined the e-commerce industry. Now many online stores are operating with success. The computer software industry also joined the e-commerce platform, and they are determined to enhance their export to 5 billion dollars by the end of 2020. IT firms also have a rapidly growing rate.

The fashion industries are the most profitable e-commerce market in Pakistan. Many clothing brands like Khaadi, bonanza are running online stores. Small clothing business also has its e-commerce stores and making good sales. The recent introduction of other e-commerce stores proved positive in the industry. Sales of cars, property, travel online further strengthen the revenue form that industry.

Pakistan is now among the world’s fastest-growing retail e-commerce industry. Youth is now leaving the traditional methods of businesses and working on their online e-commerce stores. Many famous e-commerce websites that are generating millions of revenues in Pakistan are as follow,, Khaadi, Pak Wheels, Food panda,, etc. There is tremendous potential in the e-commerce industry to grow further in the future. The government is working with the private sectors to develop plans to make the e-commerce industry a safe and reliable place for international and local customers.

Impact of Social Media on the Growth of the E-commerce Sector

We are living in a world of internet social media. Nothing has more impact on people’s minds than social media. Social media helps to build the opinion of youth about something. E-commerce becomes quite popular after the entering of social media in Pakistan. “You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you want to succeed, you have to create traffic, Walmart CEO. The best way to develop traffic is through social media. Many people work on social media and different online earning websites and help in growth of e-commerce sector in many ways.

Social media marketing plays an essential role in the growth of the e-commerce sector of Pakistan. The global e-commerce industry is thriving due to the social media campaigns, awareness of online businesses. Many online stores have their business pages on different social media platforms. Any e-commerce store is incomplete when it doesn’t have a presence on other social media platforms. It will increase the sale and build the trust of customers in the store.

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