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What Type of Content Gets the Most Likes on Instagram?

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Getting likes on Instagram was never an easy task. You must have thought that uploading a post and caption will automatically bring you likes. But that’s, however, not the case.

A post that succeeds to captivate the scrutinizing eyes of Instagram’s paradoxical algorithm will gain you more likes and a loyal following.

So, how do we go about creating such content? Simply put, your content must be

  • One that is of high quality and
  • One that is visually pleasing.

With the above factors in mind, let’s look into the different types of popular content which are known to get more likes on Instagram.


Is there anyone on Instagram without liking at least a few quote posts? Never. Even if you don’t follow pages that post quotes, your explore tab will be filled with at least a few of them. Yes, that’s how popular quotes are on Instagram.

Waking up to your feed with inspirational and positive quotes is sure one better way to start your morning. This is why people follow and like quotes pages. 

Most quote pages are usually the motivational ones that motivate you to work harder for your future or the positive ones that brighten up your mood swings. There are quotes pages that are filled with poetic and literature quotes recommending people to buy and start reading books.

Posting quotes on your Instagram profile is one of the quickest ways to get likes and followers on Instagram. For example, a quote page called thegoodquote has more than a million followers, and every post of theirs has more than thousands of likes.

2. Landscape and Scenery Photographs

Who doesn’t like picturesque sceneries?Posting beautiful landscape pictures on your feed welcomes new bulk of likes. A perfect example will be travel pages. If you have seen any travel page of famous travel photographer Paulo del Valle, the page is filled with wonderful, beautiful, and fascinating scenery pictures captured by him.

Likewise, there are also plenty of other pages with massive followers whose posts have quite the amount of likes.All you need is a camera and a few editing skills; go out to them and capture their beauty and post it and wait for the likes.

3. Posting Food Pictures

There is no better way to quench your hunger than looking at tasty food on your Instagram feed. Seeing pictures of Milkshakes, desserts, pizzas, and many other tasty delicacies. Even imagining them makes your mouth drool. This is why posting food content is also one of the many content types that get more likes on Instagram. 

Of course, who can escape from the temptation of good food? Food blogs like @momolongplay post beautiful food images from various restaurants, write captions on the type of food, cuisine, history, and also share offers of the restaurant.

So not only do followers get to see tasty food, but they are also given the location where they can taste these foods.

4. Sharing User-Generated Content


User-generated content (UGC) refers to the type of content shared by pages. The content shared is not their original content but someone else’s work. All they do is post it on their Instagram page, tag the original owner in the caption and share it with their followers.

Why does sharing user-generated content get you many likes?

Let’s consider viral tweets as an example. Not every tweet you see on Twitter is funny or viral enough. There are only a few of them, and finding them is not easy. So the purpose of some accounts is to hunt for viral tweets and share them on their profile.

By doing so, the tweet gets popular since more people will be able to see them. Not only tweets but there are also art pages that post beautiful art created by artists on their page. And there are quote pages that share others’ writings and many more.

Since these kinds of pages help in building exposure for the original accounts, the pages are likely to win the most Instagram likes.

5. Posting Animal Pictures

Have you ever seen cute cat videos on Instagram? You indeed must have.

So let us ask, have you ever controlled the urge not to like the post? Definitely not. You will probably like the post even before you realize it.

And that’s what we are talking about. Seriously, how are you supposed to ‘not like’ cute animal videos?

The best example of pages that receive the most likes by posting animal videos and pictures is none other than @natgeo

NatGeo has a whopping 205 million followers, and each and every post receives more than thousands of likes every day. As for animals, you can post everyday content about your pets. It can be fish or cats or birds or cute little hamsters. Just post content of their daily life or videos of you playing with them and witness the spike in the likes.

6. Posting Your Lifestyle Photos

If you are planning to start an Instagram blog, either to build exposure for your business or to sell products and services, remember to post your face in both stories and posts.

Posting your pictures can be like your selfies or lifestyle like the food you are eating or your workout routine builds trust in your users. Posting your pictures will also improve your content engagement with your users and earn you plenty of likes and comments.

A perfect example of individuals who saw massive success by posting their photos is Huda Kattan. The founder of Huda beauty shop, which sells cosmetics, started off by posting her services on her personal blog @huda along with her and her lifestyle images. Now she has a huge follower base of 2.4 million followers and still is posting her images.

If you are wondering how to get instant likes, you can start by getting 10 free Instagram likes from trusted websites and later witness how those likes turn into hundreds, then thousands, then millions. 

7. Classic Content

 Who doesn’t love nostalgia? There are unique pages on Instagram whose sole purpose is to evoke the beautiful feelings of nostalgia in people’s hearts by posting historical photographs and paintings. 

Posting this type of content emotionally attracts viewers since it reminds them of beautiful past memories. Posting classic content may be like celebrities posting their childhood pictures with treats on their hands which are not available nowadays.

Or it can be games pictures which you used to play when you were a kid or the renaissance painting that talks about how the world has changed. Pages that feature nostalgic content have a dedicated following.

8. Trendy Content

On Instagram, when a topic gets trendy or viral, users all over the world will start to make a hashtag related to the trend and begin posting posts under that hashtag. The number will begin increasing till the trend dies out.

Instead of just knowing and liking posts under trendy hashtags, make use of it. Upload content similar to the hashtag or the topic and enter the hashtags below your posts in your captions.

Your content will start showing up on the hashtag page and will be viewed by many people around the world, and voila, you will start to get your likes.

9. Post Videos

People love watching videos. It can be anything, a music video or a video of you traveling, or a video of you talking and thanking your followers. Any video will do to reach a massive amount of followers.

Adding relevant hashtags and an attractive caption is a must when uploading video content in your field. Since adding too many hashtags below your posts will be considered spam by the algorithm, make sure to include relevant hashtags in a moderate amount.

Also, before uploading videos, make sure to edit the videos with the best video editing applications such as adobe premier or FilmoraGo,

The audience prefers aesthetics. If your video is tacky without proper edits and annoying background noises, you may get views but not the likes.

The best example for Instagram blogs that amass a great number of likes by posting properly edited videos is none other than the popular TikToker Khaby Lame. 

Khaby Lame proved that to get viral, you don’t need great ideas or editing. An adequately edited, straightforward, original content is enough to gain many likes. His page @khaby00 gained 68.5 million followers within a few months, and each and every video post of his has millions of likes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your camera or mobile and start taking videos.

10. Behind-The-Scenes Content

If you are looking to build brand exposure, there is no better platform than Instagram that helps in creating a positive reputation.

All you will need to do is post your services or pictures of your services and products, write compelling captions and add perfect CTAs in the captions.

You can post your lifestyle images or videos of you talking about your services or clearing your followers’ doubts regarding your products to build more trust.

Is that all, or are there any more ways to increase your follower counts? Of course, there is; try posting behind-the-scenes pictures of your posts too.

For example, if you posted a picture of your product. Several posts later, upload an image of the process carried out before posting that picture. Or, you can upload a video of how you manage your day and business.

Posting behind-the-scenes pictures is a perfect strategy to build a positive presence among the users. Through these posts, you tell your followers how much struggle you have put in while posting these pictures, which will create emotions among your followers.

Most popular brands like Vogue Nike post pictures in their feed regularly behind the scenes.


You can post whatever content you want on Instagram. Following proper marketing strategy and consistency are the keys to gaining more followers and more likes on your posts. If you are a beginner, we are pretty sure you have at least got an idea of what kind of content to post on Instagram. Happy blogging! 

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