scope of software engineering in pakistan

What is the Scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan

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Are you wondering about what is the scope of software engineering in Pakistan? This question is asked by a lot of students when they are choosing their subjects for engineering. Advancement in the field of technology opens many doors to new opportunities in Pakistan. Now due to the availability of the internet in third world countries, people are coming out of their comfort zones. This advancement brought a change in the education system as well.

Now universities are offering courses like software engineering. Computer engineering, Cybersecurity, etc. People are shifting from conventional subjects to these subjects. These subjects have a lot of scope in the future. Pakistan is becoming a hub of freelancing. To do freelancing subjects like Software Engineering are very important.

What is Software Engineering?

According to IEEE, “The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software; that is, the application of engineering to software”.  Software engineering lies in the field of computer science. This field is rapidly growing across the globe and soon in the future, it will become the main branch of engineering like civil and electrical.

Responsibilities of software engineers are they are experts in technical work like designing, coding, developing, and testing software. They are also experts in managing projects, finding errors, making business plans, and bring innovation to projects.

Scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan

A survey says the software industry in Pakistan is growing at a rate of 35% every year. Demands for software engineering are increasing day by day in the world. Pakistan is among those countries in which software engineers are high in demand. Many Pakistanis are working abroad as software engineers in the world’s biggest IT companies. From the last ten years, Pakistan can produce a large market and growth in this field. Software engineering is likely to become a highly paid job of 2020. It seems there is a lot of scope in software engineering in 2020.

Different online earning websites in Pakistan provides opportunities for software engineers to sell their skills online. People are becoming self-employed. Awareness of freelancing in Pakistan made software engineering a strong career.

If you are a software engineer, then you don’t have to wait for a regular 9-5 jobs. You can sell your skills online on Fiverr or other online earning websites. You can get clients from all over the world. Complete project on time and make money. By sitting at home, you can work for clients in the USA, Europe, etc. This will help to build your portfolio and increase your experience.

Computers are required now in almost every field. Every documentation, saving of records, or any other task is now done on computers. To keep up your pace with the increasing demand for IT you must know one of the subjects related to it. Software engineering seems to be the perfect choice for it. Your knowledge and degree are not only valued in your country, but it also has a demand in foreign countries as well. It is not the number one choice of Pakistani students, but it is one of the most promising fields of the future.

Financial freedom is a new concept to the world form past decades. People are working hard to get the status of self-employment. If you want to be your boss and work according to your schedule, then the software engineering field is for you.

Skills Required in Software Engineering

There are no special skills required for doing software engineering. You just have a basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Have communication skills. You must be a hard worker and an innovative thinker. The ability to work on many challenges and tough deadlines is also essential. Anyone having basic computer knowledge can start studying this field.

Job Opportunities for Software Engineers

There are several job opportunities for the students of software engineering in Pakistan. Software engineering itself is the vast field having many technical subjects. You can choose any subject in software engineering and become an expert in that subject and make your career.

Here is the list of jobs in the field of software engineering.

1. Application Developer

The main subject of this field is application development. Now everything is shifted online and thus there is a demand for more applications every day. There are applications for education, traveling, mobiles, etc. You can become an application developer.

2. Web Designing

Web development is another popular field of these subjects. The job of the web developer is now in demand more than ever. People need professional websites for their business every day. Therefor. There is a lot of scope in these types of jobs.

3. User Interface Designer

Software engineers design user interfaces every day. These types of jobs are also in demand. These interfaces help to control different appliances through your mobile phones.

4. Embedded Software Engineer

The highly paid job in the field of software engineering is this. Machines we use every day in our lives like vending or ATM works on the software developed by engineers.

5. Software Houses

Software engineers can build their own private set up. Many software houses are working in the country. You can build a strong team of software engineers. Take orders from the internet and complete the projects.

Universities offering Software Engineering in Pakistan

Here is the list of universities offering engineering in software and other IT fields.

  • Punjab university college of IT
  • Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • NUST Islamabad
  • COMSATS Islamabad
  • PIEAS Islamabad
  • LUMS Lahore
  • UET
  • NED Karachi
  • FAST University
  • IBA Karachi


Advancement in the field of technology brought us closer to the IT field. New subjects are introducing in this field every day. Now everybody relies on the internet and some kind of website or app. All this is because of the progress in technology. Software engineering is one of the important and rapidly growing fields in Pakistan. The scope of this field has been increased over time.

Students are now choosing this field as their career. With having software engineering degree on your hand, you can easily start a successful career in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most emerging countries in freelancing. Having the skills of a software engineer you can start freelancing today and start earning.

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      Nowadays due to advancements in digital technologies, software engineering is growing more rapidly. On the other hand, Mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering fields.However, a student should totally adopt a field which he likes the most and comfortable in studying it.

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