scope of mechatronics engineering in pakistan

What is the Scope of Mechatronics Engineering in Pakistan?

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What is the Scope of Mechatronics Engineering in Pakistan? Do you have an interest in robots? Are you curious about how to build one? If yes, then you should study a field which is related to robots and advanced automated manufacturing industry. “Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today,” Bill Gates. A field that deals with robotics, control systems, automated advanced industry, and the electro-mechanical system is called mechatronics. The mechatronics field is relatively new. From past decades the world has moved towards automation, increasing the demand for automated technologies and robots more than ever.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that involves many areas of studies like computer, mechanical, electrical fields. Now the demand for mechatronics engineering is more than ever. The scope of this engineering is also much better in the world than in Pakistan. However, knowledge about automation and robotics is essential in 2020. Few universities are offering a degree in this field. But with each passing day, the trend in Pakistan’s industry is changing. Now more Pakistani students are interested in getting a degree in this field. The demand for this field in the world is increasing, and tech companies hire individuals with a degree in mechatronics engineering.

Let’s have a look at this field and its scope in Pakistan.

Scope of Mechatronic Engineering in Pakistan

Mechatronics is the field of engineering, which is the combination of mechanics and electronics fields. It has its application in the robotics field and the automated technology industry. Computer and software skills are necessary if you want a degree in mechatronics engineering. You have to work with computer integrated systems and automated guided systems. Mechatronic engineering is an advanced field and introduced when the technology hits the industries.

The demand and scope of mechatronics are increasing day by day. Now industries and businesses are advancing with technologies. They are turning to the automated and robotics systems. They need technical staff to do that. If you are planning to get a degree in this field, now it’s time. This field will continue to grow in the future.

Manufacturing businesses are also turning towards technology. They are upgrading their manual systems to automatic. So, they are hiring mechatronics engineers to do that. There is no doubt that mechatronics engineering is the field with rapidly expanding job opportunities. Mechatronics engineers are developing projects and building prototypes for the industry in Pakistan. Recently a restaurant in Multan is using robots as waiters. The same type of initiative is taken by some other industries also. So, it seems that the robotics and automation industry is booming in Pakistan. With that, there is a demand for mechatronics engineers in the future.

Career prospects of Mechatronics Engineering

There are many prospects in Mechatronics Engineering.

1. Advanced Manufacturing and robotics

One of the interesting facts is that if you are getting a degree in mechatronics, you must get a degree in this subject. Robotics and automation is the base of mechatronics engineering. In this field, you learn about the Manufacturing of robots, advanced automation technologies, and troubleshooting with the industry standard.

2. Information services and telecommunication

Mechatronics engineers can also get jobs in this department.  In this department, you can get a job as a high voltage engineer and network technicians. Your responsibilities include installing, Manufacturing, and repairing electrical equipment.

3. Engineering Production and manufacturing In-charge

This field of mechatronics engineering deals with technical knowledge in the field of electronics. You have to learn about electrical engineering-related subjects. You will get hired by the engineering companies that sell technology production.

4. Careers in biotechnology and life sciences

New opportunities are opening up in the field of biotechnology and life sciences for mechatronics engineers. After graduation, you can get a job in this field as an engineer. You can design bio-inspired automatic machines and medical equipment.

5. Careers in microcontroller programming

Mechatronics deal with robotics and programming, and these are essential fields of robotics. After getting a degree in this field, you can design microcontrollers and also write programs. The demand in this field is more due to advancement in the robotics industry.

6. Careers in CAM/CAD engineer

After graduation in this field of engineering, you can quickly get a job as a CAM/CAD engineer. There are a lot of networking companies that seek individuals knowing this field.

Other career prospects in this field are:

  • Firmware Engineer
  • Mechanical and Electrical Embedded System Programming
  • Circuit Board Engineering
  • CNC Area Engineer
  • Senior Mechatronics Engineer

Jobs Sector and Salary details

The jobs of mechatronic engineers are high paying jobs. After graduation, you can get a job in any tech industry in Pakistan. You can also get a job in an advanced automated sector. Many mechatronics engineers are getting positions in different engineering companies. Many tech labs hire fresh graduates for research purposes, and they are paying an excellent stipend to these candidates. Networking companies are also hiring people with this degree.

With the advancement in the field of robotics, Pakistan is also shifting towards automation. Pakistani mechatronics engineers are building, designing, and operating smart machines and bringing innovation to our industries. No doubt, industries are willing to pay more to mechatronics engineers. Many Pakistani graduates are working in many foreign tech companies.

The average starting salary of a mechatronics engineer is from 25,000 to 30,000 rupees. The salary for an experienced engineer ranges from 40,000 rupees to 2,00,000 rupees. Multinational companies are willing to pay more for an experienced candidate.

Universities offering Mechatronics Engineering in Pakistan

Many engineering universities in Pakistan offer bachelor’s and master’s in different fields and subjects of mechatronics.

  • NUST Islamabad
  • UET Lahore
  • UET Taxila sub-campus Chakwal
  • Air University Islamabad
  • Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
  • MUET Karachi

Wrapping Up:

Advanced manufacturing industries are looking for innovation and automation. The scope of mechatronics engineering in Pakistan is increasing day by day and industries are looking for skilled engineers. Mechatronics Engineering is the field of engineering, which is a mix of many subjects like computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering. If you are interested in robotics and automated industry, then a mechatronics degree might be a fit for you. Mechatronics engineers are high in demand, not only in Pakistan but also in the world.










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