scope of biomedical engineering in pakistan

What is the scope of Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan?

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What is the scope of Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan? If you start to think about your career options, you can’t exclude engineering and the medical field from that. Engineering and medical field both are the perfect options to make a successful career. But what if we combine them both and make our career in that field. Biomedical engineering is the kind of area which involves engineering knowledge and medical skills. Biomedical engineering is the field in which engineering principles, concepts of biology and medicine are used for health care purposes.

Coronavirus created health crises across the globe. The whole medical world is in a state of emergency. There is a demand for medical staff and technical equipment to deal with this crisis. The need for people in this field is increasing every day. Biomedical engineering is the evergreen field of engineering whose demand is now more than ever. They are responsible for designing circuits, make software to run medical equipment and simulations to test drug therapies. This field helps engineers to understand clinical problems and help them to create products for their solutions.

This field became popular when technology took over the medical department. In Pakistan, students are taking an interest and getting a degree in biomedical engineering. Many universities in Pakistan are offering bachelor’s in biomedical engineering. Due to the current situation of health in the world, this field has more demand now.

Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan

In Pakistan right now, there is less scope of biomedical engineering than in the world. Job opportunities are less nowadays, but still, you can pursue a successful career in this engineering field. Biomedical engineers are involved in researching and developing medical equipment.

Science is multiplying, and the demand for this field is increasing. The introduction of technology into our lives brought innovation. The same happens in the medical field. New medical equipment is manufacturing in industries. Industries have demand for biomedical engineers. Biomedical engineers prepare clinical products, diagnostic instruments, and medical equipment for surgeries. Biomedical engineers also make artificial body parts. Many hospitals were hiring graduates to research and made artificial body parts to help the needy.

Biomedical engineering is the newly emerging field. At present, it has no competitive scope. In the future, it is expected that there will be job opportunities in this field. Development in the field of science and technology is changing the standards of the industry. Now many new inventions in the medical field take place due to biomedical engineers. There is no tough competition in the market for this field. It seems that in the next 3-4 years, there will be more demand for biomedical engineers.

If you are looking to make a successful future in this field, then it is the right time. By the time you graduate, there will be more jobs and the scope of this field.

Career prospects of Biomedical Engineers

There are many prospects in the field of biomedical engineering. You have a lot of options in terms of job opportunities.

1. Biochemist

After getting a degree in biomedical engineering, you can choose the job of a biochemist. You can quickly work in many departments. You can work with labs, conduct experiments, and prepare different types of medicines.

2. BM Technicians

BM Technicians can work in hospitals and clinics. They can design and produce different medical equipment. It’s a research and development base biomedical field. You can do testing on other BM devices.

3. Researcher

Many educational institutions are offering research and jobs in this field. You can get a job in both public and private hospitals.

4. Maintenance in charge

Biomedical is the technical field. You have to deal with modern-day technology. You can get a job in the maintenance department. You have to monitor and develop biomedical equipment.

5. Medical Rap

After becoming a biomedical engineer, you can join a medical rap. In this department, you have to conduct experiments on different types of medicines. That also involves clinical trials.

Other career prospects in this field are:

  • Teaching
  • Repairing In-charge
  • Lab In-charge
  • Maintenance head
  • BM Engineers
  • Technicians

 Jobs Sector and Salary details

After getting a degree in biomedical engineering, you can get a job in different private and government sectors. You can get a job in private hospitals. There are diagnostic labs and research centers in Pakistan. There you can get a job and have a career. Many multinational companies are offering biomedical engineers’ jobs and growth opportunities in their careers. This is a relatively new field of engineering, so there is less job competition in the markets. If you have an interest in the area, then pursue your career in biomedical engineering.

The industrial sector of Pakistan is growing, and there are maintenance and installation jobs in this sector. Due to corona, many medical companies are hiring researchers and engineers for their manufacturing companies. There are many employment areas in which jobs for biomedical engineers are available.

Biomedical engineers have a job in different departments. The salary varies from one department to another. The average starting salary of biomedical engineers is 30,000 to 60,000 rupees. The salary for an experienced engineer ranges from 40,000 rupees to 1,00,000 rupees.

Universities offering Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan

Many universities in Pakistan are offering bachelor’s in different fields and subjects of biomedical engineering.

  • NED, Karachi
  • Sir Syed University of engineering and technology, Karachi
  • Centre of advanced study in engineering, Islamabad
  • Islamic international university, Islamabad
  • Mehran University of engineering and technology, Jamshoro
  • UET Peshawar

Wrapping Up:

Advancement in the field of science and technology brought innovation in industries. Advanced equipment has been introduced to sectors. Due to the corona medical industry also need design and technical equipment. Biomedical engineering is a field that deals with biology, medicine, and engineering. Biomedical engineers work on medical equipment and different types of drugs. This is a new field of engineering, but it seems that it has a bright future. If you are interested in this field, you can get admission in the university and pursue your career. Biomedical engineering has more scope in the future in Pakistan.





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