What is the Scope of Bioinformatics in Pakistan

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Bioinformatics is the study of genetics aspects and the process in which collection and analysis of mixed biological data take place. It is a combination of many disciplines like computer science, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

You are a student of biology, but you are also interested in computers. You want to make your career in both fields, but you can’t decide in which field you should pursue your career. Due to advancements in technology, now the medical field also has the application of computers. When you visit a doctor, you saw a different kind of medical machines like X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, etc. There is no doubt that technology brought a revolution in the medical field. Due to this technology many new fields of study have been introduced.

Millions of scientists, doctors, medical experts use different types of technologies to treat patients. Bioinformatics is one of the technical fields in the medical world. From the past decade, there is a demand and scope of bioinformatics. There are many jobs for degree holders in both the private and public sectors.

Let’s have a look at this field and its scope in Pakistan.

Scope of Bioinformatics in Pakistan

Bioinformatics is the field in which bioscience uses the application of computer technology. It involves the study of many different subjects like chemistry, computer science, and biology. People who study bioinformatics are called bioinformaticians. They use artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and programs to interpret, visualize, and form chart gene information.

The demand and scope of bioinformatics are increasing day by day. There are jobs in pharmaceutical companies, clinics, hospitals, and forensic science. With each passing day, new types of diseases are discovered. Thus, increasing the demand for bioinformatics.  Bioinformatics has applications in the veterinary sciences and biotechnology field. Many biomedical organizations are hiring graduates in bioinformatics. The scope of this field is more in both public and private hospitals. Many educational institutions are offering research and jobs in this field. It can be seen that there is a demand for bioinformatics nowadays and also in the future.

Career Prospects of Bioinformatics

There are many career prospects in the field of bioinformatics.

  1. Bioinformatics Software Developer

Software developer designs applications and software that help medical experts. Their duties include the development of high-quality medical equipment with the application of the software.

  1. Researcher

If you are interested in the research sector, then you can easily get a job in any research center. Many universities are offering research in the field of bioinformatics and these types of jobs pay well.

  1. Structural Analyst

In this field, analyst research and conduct experiments on different procedures of the medical field.

  1. Scientific Curator

Scientific curators have different duties like analyzing, collect, and curate biodata. They use different procedures and ways to carry out this function. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field.

  1. Pharmacogenetics

Pharmacogenetics study about different genetic makeups. They also research different drug therapies. Many pharmaceutical industries are offering graduate students to research and implement different techniques and drug therapies.

Other career prospects in this field are:

  • Scientific writers
  • Biostatisticians
  • Protein analyst
  • Database programmers
  • Gene analyst
  • Chem informaticians
  • Biotech experts
  • Computational biologists

Jobs Sector and Salary details

The jobs of bioinformatics are high paying jobs. After graduation, you can get a job in any medical center in Pakistan. You can also get a job in pharmaceutical companies. Many biotechnology labs are hiring fresh graduates for research purposes and they are paying a good stipend to these candidates. Forensic labs are also hiring people with a degree in bioinformatics.

Many national and international companies and their chemistry and biology centers are hiring individuals from all over the world. Their teams not only research but also help in manufacturing medical equipment with the latest technology. In Pakistan, many students are pursuing their careers in this field. Although there are not many advanced labs in Pakistan, researchers and bioinformatics are trying to make ways towards innovation and progress in this field.

A BS and MS bioinformatics can easily start their careers by setting their own private business. Many fresh graduated are working as a freelancer to designs proteins and they also do research . This field has a bright future ahead due to scientific advancement.

Many people confuse bioinformatics and biotechnology. Both fields are very different from each other. Both fields have their courses and subjects. They both are offered separately in different universities. It should be kept in mind that biotechnology deals with the biological systems of living organisms and develop different products. While bioinformatics deals with biodata and computer applications. Bioinformatics is the new field to science and technology and many people only heard about biotechnology, so they misunderstood.

Universities offering Bioinformatics in Pakistan

Many universities in Pakistan are offering bachelor’s and master’s in different fields and subjects of bioinformatics.

  • Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • International Islamic University Islamabad
  • University of Agriculture Faisalabad
  • Virtual university Lahore
  • Institute of Business and Technology Karachi
  • Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology Karachi
  • University of Sialkot
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar
  • Forman Christian College Lahore

Wrapping up:

There are many different fields to study and pursue a career in Pakistan. Students are now more concerned about their futures that they are moving towards new careers. Bioinformatics is the new field in science and technology, but it brought a revolution in the field of medicine. Many universities not only in Pakistan but also abroad are offering master’s and bachelors in this field.

Bioinformatics is the field that deals with biodata and computers. It covers many subjects like chemistry, biology, and computer science. You can get a bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics and start your career. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field. Many pharmaceutical companies are hiring individuals having a degree in bioinformatics. You can get a job in medical centers and forensic laboratories. Many universities are offering students for research in bioinformatics. The existing condition of advancement in science is suggesting a bright future in the field of bioinformatics.

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