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What is the Ideology of Pakistan?

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What is the Ideology of Pakistan?”An idea is something you have; an ideology is something that has you,” Morris Berman. On the day of 14 August 1947, a new country emerges on the map of the world. The world called that country  Pakistan, “the land of pure.” Pakistan is the only country in the world that is created by some ideology. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, has ideology for India’s Muslims, leading to its separation. Pakistan is a unique political achievement in the history of mankind.

What is an Ideology?

Ideology means the science of ideas. It is a set of beliefs, images, and values that tell a certain mindset’s goal. Everybody has specific ideas about anything. To achieve that aim, these beliefs provide a guideline to reach the goal. In society, group or nation people put effort collectively to work with their ideology to achieve something. That collective thinking is called doctrine.

There are three types of ideologies in general: political, economic, and religious. Religious doctrine deals with the social aspect based on religion. Economic ideology deals with the financial problems of the nation. Political ideology deals with the political system to the followers of that ideology. Whatever the type of ideology is, the nation’s whole mindset depends upon that.

What is the ideology of Pakistan

The ideology of Pakistan is based on a two-nation theory that states that Muslims and India are two separate and distinct nations with their own religious belief, culture, civilization, and way of life. These two nations can’t be merged and live together as a nation.

First, Allama Iqbal gave the philosophical explanation of the two-nation theory. Then Quaid -e -Azam translated it into political reality. Based on the two-nation idea, he demanded a separate homeland for Muslims. A state where Muslims should have an opportunity to live, according to their religious belief and faith, which is based on Islamic principles.

Two entirely different civilizations have been living in the subcontinent. Their ideas and conceptions are different. They follow other religions and social lives. How is it possible for them to live there together? There is a need for a separate country for each nation to live by their own beliefs, where they are free to practice their religion—this needs to create an idea of an independent nation that gives rise to Pakistan’s ideology.

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Elements of Ideology of Pakistan

The following are the elements of the ideology of Pakistan:

1. Kalma-i-Tauheed

Tauheed means Allah is one who alone is the creator of everything. The ideology of Pakistan is Tauheed. According to Jinnah, Pakistan came into being the day; the first Hindu embraced Islam in India.

2. Brotherhood

Islam is based on a society that is based on brotherhood and cooperation. To establish a community where all people live like this, India’s Muslims should have their state.

3. Islamic Concept of Sovereignty

According to Islam, Allah is the creator of the whole universe. Muslims of the subcontinent wanted a state in which they can practice the Islamic teachings and powers granted by Allah.

4. Islamic way of living

Islam is the complete code of life that is a solution to every social, political, and economic human being.

5. Quaid-i-Azam and Two Nation Theory

Quaid always believed that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations, and Muslims should have an independent homeland.

He declared while representing the Muslims in the Second Round Table Conference in 1913:The Hindu Muslim dispute must be settled before the enforcement of any system or constitution. Until you do not give guarantee for the safeguard of the Muslim interests, until you do not win their (Muslims) cooperation, any constitution you enforce shall not last for even 24 hours.”

Significance of Ideology of Pakistan

Every nation in the world has its own specific goal. The Muslims of the subcontinent have their dreams. They need a state where they can live according to their religion and ideology. . A nation in the world has every right to claim a separate form and become independent. This ideology keeps nations unite.

Due oppression and dominance of Hindus in the subcontinent made Muslims perplexed. The Urdu Hindi controversy in the late 1800s also fuels this unrest. Due to leaders like Sir Syed and Allama Iqbal, the way of thinking of Muslims also changed. They want to live in their separate state. The formation of the Muslim League and then Hindus’ reaction gave a clear message that who will rule after the British left subcontinent. Quaid-i-Azam made it possible with his continuous struggle and support from the Muslims. Now Pakistan is the independent nation and 7th nuclear state of the world.

Ideology and Present conditions in Pakistan

The foundation of ideology, as given by Quaid-i-Azam, is unity, faith, and discipline. But with time, it seems that this ideology is continuously failing. After more than 70 years, Pakistan is still home to social inequality, religious violence, terrorism, and other social evils. The main reason is the lack of visionary leadership. State institutions have collapsed, and corruption is out of control.

Pakistan is under the extreme debt of other nations. The role of non-state actors is direct to the sovereignty of Pakistan. The claim of India on Kashmir has been causing unrest and hostile situation along the north-eastern border. The case of the economy is worse than ever, along with the political crisis. It appears that the ideology on which Pakistan is created seems lost.

Wrapping Up:

Since its birth, Pakistan has faced countless issues, whether they are related to politics or economy. After independence, including lack of money, resources, Kashmir, water issues had severely affected its progress. The problems are somehow still the same, but now the condition is worse than ever. Our international front is not strong to maintain the status of a strong nation. “An ideologue is one who places agenda above truth,” J.Adam Snyder.

The only way forward is to remember the ideology on which Pakistan is created. To put the country in the right direction is to follow Islamic principles and ideology.
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  1. Pakistan was formed on the basis of ideology based upon the two nations theory. But, what seems to be problematic is still there are millions of Muslims residing and facing persecution in India. As around 60 million Muslims got independence in 1947 from Hindu rule; should the present Muslim minority in India struggle again for a separate homeland based on the new version of old ideology to get themselves free from the Hindu tyranny?

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