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What Is Cremation Service and How Is It Done?

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Death is the hard reality of life and when someone dies, the body of the deceased has to go through the ultimate process of burial or cremation. If someone is willing to cremate the body of a deceased, it is essential to know what exactly cremation service is. It is very tough to make a decision about a process that you don’t clearly understand. This discussion will help you understand the cremation process in detail.

Though it is a well-known process, most people don’t actually know what happens behind the scenes. Understanding how this process works can help you ease the anxiety that one may feel while choosing the cremation service. The modern crematories make use of various industrial furnaces developed just for the cremation service.

This process takes about 2-3 hours to complete. In this process, the crematory takes care of the things like:

  • Seeing if the operator is safe.
  • Proper identification of the deceased person.
  • To see if the deceased is handled with proper care and respect.

Many facilities help the family of the deceased to appear as a witness of the entire cremation process.

Basic Needs for The Cremation Service:


The place

If you choose the cremation service for any funeral arrangements, the process can be done in a crematorium or a specific venue such as a town hall. The cremation services are mainly done before the body of the deceased is cremated.

The cremation processes

Usually, the body is cleaned, bathed, and dressed before the process of identification. The embalming process cannot be done unless you have a special request about it.

Next, the technician will remove the jewelry or any other items unless you wish to keep some of them (subject to any unwanted hazards in the process). The medical devices and prosthetics, if attached to the body, are also removed to prevent any kind of reaction during the process of cremation.

Casket or coffin for cremation

There are some special kinds of caskets that are good for cremation, or you can also use an ordinary cardboard box. The main rule is that the container used for the cremation must be strong enough to contain the body and also must be combustible.

Things You Can Keep with The Dead Body

Before the process of cremation, the family of the deceased may choose to put some items in the coffin.  Those items include:

  • Blankets or soft toys
  • The wooden rosary beads
  • Written messages
  • Books
  • Flowers
  • Some kind of jewelry

Steps Included in A Cremation Service:

The cremation process reduces the dead body to its essential elements by a process that can expose it to the open flames, incredible amount of heat, and also evaporation. This is done in a specially designed furnace known as a cremation chamber.

The cremated remains after the process get finished are commonly known as “ashes,” however, actually, they consist of bone fragments.

The process of cremation produces about 3 to 9 pounds of remains. The actual amount depends on the body size and the cremation process used by the service providers.

The basic five steps:

  • First of all, the deceased is being identified, and the exact authorization is obtained.
  • The body is placed into a specific container after the preparation is done.
  • The container, including the body, is moved to the cremation chamber or the “retort.”
  • After the cremation, the remains are removed
  • The “ashes” get transferred to either a specific container or in an urn temporarily, given by the family.

Therefore, the cremation service consists of some very important steps and things to bring peace for the deceased soul and the family members of the deceased. For this reason, the cremation service is a very important part of our life as human beings.

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