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5 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Profile in 2021

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5 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Profile in 2021

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform which is quite popular in past years. You can take pictures, edit them, post visual contacts for your followers, and interact with people daily by sharing your life. On Instagram, there are two options on the visibility of your content: public and the other is private.

If someone has a private Instagram profile and wants to visit it, then here are 5 simple ways to help you.

Why People Have Private Instagram Profile

Most people prefer to keep their profile public, but some people have a private profile. People have private accounts because they want anyone except their family and friends to see their photos and videos. The main reason is some people spy on other people’s profiles and sometimes misuse the images and videos.

The purpose of the private account is to protect data from cyberbullying or hacking. If you want to see someone’s private account, you can request to follow you and accept your request.

5 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Profile

Follow these easy ways and view private Instagram profiles.

1.Send Follow Request

The easiest and direct way to view a private Instagram profile is to send follow request. Follow someone and watch their profile, videos, pictures, and daily update. If you are related to that person or an acquaintance, then your request will be accepted. But if you are a stranger, then there is very little chance that person will approve your request. You have to wait after sending the request for a couple of days. Try to be genuine so that person won’t take you as a spy or a weird person.

2.Make Fake Profile

Another way to view a private Instagram profile is to create a fake profile. This is not the best and honest way, but this might work for you. Create a fake Instagram profile by adding a unique picture and bio. Don’t reveal anything in your bio; keep it casual and cool so that the person won’t resist and add you to his friend circle. You can also make a fake female profile. They usually get a quick response than male accounts. You have to make sure that your profile looks real.


You can use a third part app which helps you to view private Instagram profiles. First, visit the official website of and go to the homepage; you see a spy button on it. Click on the spy button, and the page will engage the Instagram viewer tool. Now enter the username of the profile you want to view and click on the access profile button. It will take few minutes to get rid of the user password and don’t close the window. After some time, processing will be complete, and you can inspect the profile through the Instagram viewer tool.


Instalooker is also a third-party application to view private Instagram profiles. This is quite an old yet popular platform to view private accounts. This application works in four different languages; English, French, Italian and Portuguese. It is 100% secure and doesn’t cause any harm to your system. To use, follow these steps:

  • Click on in your web browser, and after landing on the home page, you will find a spy button.
  • The spy button is in blue, hit it and then navigate towards the next page.
  • Now you will see a white-colored rectangular box that reads Instagram username.
  • Give the username of the private profile that you want to view.
  • Now wait for few minutes and don’t close the window.
  • Now the profile of the person appears you want to look at without following him or her.

5. Search the Profile on Google

Another way to look at someone’s personal account photos and videos is to search their name on google search. Find them with their real name and copy-paste the user ID from Instagram on google. Google keeps the digital footprints of our profiles. Although the profile is private, there is still a chance that there might be data of that person in google images. Google has some private images on a particular profile. By using google search, you can view the private Instagram profile.

Wrapping Up:

There are many ways to view a private Instagram profile in 2021. You can’t view the pictures, videos, and other information of a private Instagram. 5 simple ways help you to stalk a private user. You can do a direct search on google or send a follow request. You can also use third-party applications such as and

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