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Top 6 Best-Selling Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

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Smartphone’s market is expanding rapidly as the size of their users is growing up. Best selling brand is the one that offers the best services and values the price of the users. Thus, the phones that are budget-friendly affect the Pakistani smartphone market.

According to the market in Pakistan, the top 6 bestselling smartphone brands are following.

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1. Samsung

Samsung had launched the first series in 2009. Now it is the undoubted leader of smartphones. Thus, Samsung is the bestselling smartphone brand not only in Pakistan but all around the world. Samsung launches galaxy series that provide the latest features and high-end innovative technologies such as the Note series. It offers huge services to the customers throughout the year.

Samsung smartphone’s prices are a little bit higher, but they also offer the latest and advanced features. It holds one-fifth of the shares of smartphones all over the globe. Samsung has also launched some mid-range phones that were specifications loaded in the emerging markets. In Q2 2019, it grew by 7.1% in the marketplace.

2. Huawei

Huawei company was started in 1987 and was launched by Ren Zhengfei. It has created a place in the heart of not only Pakistani people but all over the world and is now the second most popular smartphone brand in Pakistan.

Like Samsung, the Huawei brand also launches smartphones that are supported by the latest features and use the latest innovative technologies. It had also beaten the iPhones in 2019, and its shares in the market globally are increasing day by day. Huawei mobiles prices in Pakistan are reasonable available for all classes of peoples.

Huawei does not support the Goggle apps due to some restrictions; however, it supports its app gallery that is updated on a daily basis.

3. Apple

Apple brand stands at 3rd position in the market of best smartphone brands in Pakistan that was launched in 2007 and held almost 6% shares in the Market Place in Pakistan. It supports unbelievable features and technologies. Apple provides premiere features such as graphics to the customers, and it is the symbol of consciousness brand.

Oppo smartphone supports millions of applications. Oppo smartphone brand is the expensive smartphone brand in Pakistan.

4. Oppo

Oppo smartphone’s brand is popular in the user that is found of selfies as it is the selfie-oriented smartphone that was officially announced in 2004. At the global level, it is ranked at no. 5 and has nearly 13% shares in the smartphone marketplace.

Oppo brand has introduced a lot of smartphones that hold selfies expert features. For example, A91, Reno Z, Find Y, and many more. This smartphone is more popular with girls due to its selfie-oriented feature and is available in almost 22 countries in the world.

5. Xiaomi

Xiaomi smartphone brand is another most popular brand all around the world, including Pakistan. It offers a premiere feature and uses innovative technology features. It stands at no. 4 in the market share ranking. Xiaomi smartphone prices in Pakistan are reasonable.

6. Realme

Realme is the sub-brand of Oppo brand that was established in 2018, but it has earned great popularity all over the world. Recently, it has launched some smartphones that hold bet features such as brilliant cameras and are using the latest technologies.

Realme smartphones prices in Pakistan are affordable as they are in mid-range.


All smartphones have their place in the heart of their customers. But some of them get most popular due to their supported amazing features and qualities that value the user prices. Thus, once you want to buy a smartphone, go through the features that are supported by it.

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