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Top 10 Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Students

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In recent times, the importance of digital education has rapidly grown because of the circumstances of the world. Almost 90% of institutes are teaching their students over the internet in different fields and skills.

No doubt, this method has multiple ways to make the education process easy. But it also has some issues that have become common among both teachers and students. They are facing problems while working in their fields and dealing with digital methods.

For instance, many students are facing issues while getting mathematics assignments and solving it using the internet. Similarly, a lot of teachers have the same issues while creating assignments or evaluating them.

In short, there is a huge list of issues that you have to face while dealing with digital education.

Here in this article, we are going to show you the top 10 tools that will assist you to deal with online learning. You must choose any of them as per your requirements after reading their properties.

Let’s start reading about all of these tools in detail.

Top 10 tools for students and teachers

 There is a huge list of tools that a student can use for his work in different fields. Similarly, a teacher may also use many other tools while working in the field and looking to explore the digital learning process.

Here we have handpicked some of those tools and platforms that you must choose whether you are a teacher or student.


 In digital learning, you may have to get aid from different tools like the image to text extractor, rewriting tools, and grammar checks. Prepostseo is offering all your desired tools under a single platform.

 Whether you are writing an assignment or looking to get data written on any PDF file, you can use this tool. It is also offering a plagiarism checker with which you can check either your work is unique or not.

In addition to this, you will get many other tools as a student or teacher from this brand. The most used tool of this platform by a lot of students is plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool.

It is because plagiarism has become common due to the online learning process where anyone can copy others easily. Many students try to bypass their educational system and submit a duplicated assignment.

With this tool, you can find such students and warn them to keep away from such illegal acts. In this way, you will be able to deal with the most common problem in digital education.


 To deal with duplication problems in a student’s work, you can also pick Check-plagiarism. This tool can check your content and compare it with billions of files.

It will extract data directly from the search engine’s database to match your content and show its uniqueness. The tool will check it thoroughly by comparing it with every published document.

Then, it will give you results of line-by-line checks that will be perfect while you are looking to make those lines unique.

Also, it will tell you how much you have used a single focus word. With this feature, you can remove any terminology that you think is extra in your content.

In short, it is a comprehensive tool while you are looking to evaluate your student’s work uniqueness. Similarly, you can check your assignments with this tool before submitting them.

It is completely free to use this tool without facing any premium version restrictions.


 No matter in which field you are learning or teaching, you must know the importance of calculators in your life. You must choose multiple aiding tools that will help you to accomplish your tasks.

Maracalculator is a specific platform where you will get a huge number of calculators categorized in different sections. You can pick any of those tools just according to your field or task requirements.

 Every field that has even a little portion of mathematical problems has a specific tool on this platform. You only have to search a little bit and find your subject-related calculator.

In this way, you can easily do complex as well as simple calculations without using pen or paper. The only thing you have to do is to input data as per the tool’s requirements.

It will get your content and use pre-programmed formulas to solve that question. In this way, you can complete a task without facing any problems.

Along with this, you will find Physics, Chemistry, Graphics, and other calculators in different sections.


 If you are a Physics or Math field teacher/student, you must get a calculator. You might have experienced difficulties while inputting values as it is pretty complex to do manual input.

 In such a case, you have to get a tool that will just pick your data and implement formulas on it. Allmath is providing a comprehensive list to deal with various mathematical problems.

There might be no tool related to this field that is missing in its list. You will find more than 300 tools on this platform to deal with every specific issue that you might find in your assignments.

So, you should browse this platform and get a reliable tool for your task without facing any issues.


 Do you know why many people find difficulties while solving math problems? The main reason is that they think this field is difficult in which they can’t survive.

Due to this, many students never try to learn or practice math problems. But what if you will get a tool to solve math problems with fun?

Mathisfun is providing a complete list of tools related to all fields of Math. You can directly go to that particular field and pick the best tool for your task.

In addition, you can use this tool in more than 20 languages. With this feature, it can be accessed from multiple regions of the world. It means that every student or teacher can use this calculator providing a platform easily.

The only issue that you might face in this tool is to get advertisement banners again and again while working. This factor might irritate you and force you to leave this platform and get another.


 If you have multiple mathematical problems and want to work beyond the limits, you should use Calculatorschool. It can solve every problem even if it has a little interference with mathematics.

You can check for calculators just by searching your subject-related terminologies. Also, you can browse a specific field of math or any other subject by getting a look at its homepage.

It is a free tool that can be used without facing any problems. You only have to open a particular calculator and input your data.

The tool will use a specific formula and extract the most accurate solutions. It is one of the fastest working and reliable tools among the entire list we have made above.

Within a fraction of a second, you will get the answer to your problem. In this way, you can paste it into your assignment and paste it into your desired section.

Similarly, it has made the evaluation process for teachers easier than ever. They can check the validity of the answer using this tool and evaluate a process precisely.


 In most online calculators, you will only be able to get the answer to your problem. But you won’t be able to check the process that the tool has done in the backend.

With websites, this problem can be solved. This platform offers a prominent list of calculating tools for different tasks and fields.

You can pick any of them as per your requirements. After putting in your data, you only have to click the “calculate” button.

With the answer, you will get the entire solution to the problem. All the sections and subsections will be shown separately in the right sidebar.

So, you can easily paste it on paper or into the document to accomplish various tasks of your work. In short, it is the best platform to learn how to solve different mathematical problems.


 A student needs to keep his notes to use them in the future. Many students have reported that they have lost their notes due to different issues.

EditPad is providing you with the best services in this regard. It is an online text editor with which you can keep notes online and access them from any device.

There will be no chance that you will lose your data unless you have deleted or removed it manually. In this way, this tool is perfect to keep your notes or important data without using your device space.

 Along with online text editing services, you will find a comprehensive list of tools that will enable you to complete various tasks. You can also check plagiarism or grammar mistakes by using this platform.

Furthermore, you might have to get your assignment data in editable format from any image. So, you will also find an Image to text extractor from this platform. In this way, you can do this task within seconds instead of investing much time.

In short, this is another best tool to deal with different conditions in digital learning.


 There are few tools that can be used by students/teachers from every department or field. Ecalculator is one of those amazing platforms that have calculators and converters for users of all fields.

It is not only providing services to Physics or Mathematical students. But you can use this platform to access tools for other fields like programming, health, and Finance.

It provides various tools to deal with all such fields and enables them to complete their work with a few clicks. With digital learning, it has become difficult to understand the instructor and follow his steps.

This platform will enable you to get a preview of any calculation just by providing your data. It will perform various actions on your given data and extract the best outcomes related to your task.

You can easily get a view of your task and complete your assignments within a short time. With such tools and features, this is the best platform for students and teachers from all the education fields.


 Mathematics is essential to learn no matter in which field you are learning or teaching. The reason is that you have to adopt this subject to prove even a short function or theory.

Many students feel it difficult to get integral or anti-derivative of function. This operator has great importance for every student.

Therefore, Antiderivativecalculator is offering a specific tool that is programmed for such students. A student only has to put his questions or functions in the given boxes and fill all of those.

The tool will calculate or solve the problem precisely to get the exact solution. It will also show you the entire solution of the question instead of the answer to your problem only.

In addition, this tool will give you all the possible solutions on your screen for your given questions. So, you can pick any of them according to your choice and paste them into your notebook.

Also, the solution will be done with such a simple method that anyone can learn from it even if he is not related to the pure mathematics field.

Wrapping Up

Digital education has become common and difficult too in recent times. So, you must choose tools from the internet and use them just according to your requirements.

It will not take much effort while looking to achieve something extra from your subject. Also, the results will be accurate that you can show to anyone fearlessly.

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