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The Challenges that Startups Face in Pakistan

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Startups or New ventures need a lot of time and effort to establish. A lot of patience and heed is required in order to establish a new business in countries like Pakistan. Risk-averse people are more likely to take such risks in third-world countries. Following is the list of some of the challenges that startups in Pakistan have to face.

Insufficiency of financial Support

One of the most potent issues that Pakistani startups have to face is the lack of government or well-established organization’s financial support. No one provides a backbone to a new business in countries like Pakistan.

They do not give the confidence to individuals to stand still by providing funds which makes most of the individuals lose their morale in pursuit of their dreams in the long term. Most of individuals forget about their creative and innovative ventures due to the lack of money.

Lack of research and knowledge

Most of individuals start a new venture without proper knowledge and research regarding a concerning topic, which makes their startups fail miserably. An adequate amount of capital should be invested in the research and development centre of the venture to maintain the equilibrium between the profits and losses associated with the business.

High knowledge and understanding of the business are required to achieve the desired outcomes from the business.

Lack of Professional Ethics and managerial skill

A handful of managerial skills and professional etiquettes are the key components for establishing a new business. Most of individuals do not keep these things in mind and fail terribly. Every profession requires a basic code of conduct in order to flourish.

These things make a person stand out in the crowd. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we lack professionalism and mannerism terribly, and no one is here to school individuals on these basic requirements.

Lack of revolutionary ideas

Most of the entrepreneurs’ lack creative and innovative ideas. Cliché ideas make everything boring for the general public. New and innovative products attract customers. Most of the Pakistani startups lack innovation.

Workshops should be conducted in order to provide guidance to the entrepreneurs and make them take creative and better decisions regarding their businesses.

High Rental Expenses and Approach

Unfortunately, in countries like Pakistan, common people also suffer from the issues of corruption. Most of the individuals have to bury their decisions because of no connections to any of the powerful personality.

Most people are unable to afford the high demanding rental prices for warehouses etc. These things put a halt to the dreams of most common men, and they waste their talent and energies on a 9 to 5 job their whole life and leave their dreams due to responsibilities and family issues.

No law and order

Countries like Pakistan also suffer from law and order problems. No one follows the guidelines, and the bitter truth is that giants do not even consider the guidelines and policies set out by the government. They consider them trivial. These things create big hurdles for unestablished businesses and common men of the country.


Despite these challenges, Pakistan has observed a huge rise in new startups in the past 5 to 6 years. Most of the females have also been seen in the market for the past many years. Small online startups run by these men and women play an important role in the economic development of the country.

These businesses should be promoted and supported in order to persuade more people to do something of their own and take part in the development of the country.

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