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How to Start a Candle Making Business

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How to Start a Candle Making Business

If you are ready to start a candle making business, you must complete market research first. Starting any business is quite a task you have on your hands. Businesses not only require money, but they also require your time and full devotion.

The candle-making business usually includes the making of different types of candles. Some people make candles like jar candles, while others make candles that are scent-based. The candle-making business mostly focuses on hand-made candles and uses materials like soy wax, beeswax, paraffin, or gels.

Starting a candle making business is among the best business idea for 2021.

Steps  to Start a Candle Making Business

Here are some simple steps that will help you to start a candle making business.

1. Properly Plan your Business

Planning a business is the first step, and it will help you make out the whole plan. Before coming into the market first, you have to gather some information about how much a start-up will cost you and your target markets. Then you have to figure out the charge of your services and have to decide the name of your business.

You can start your business at the local level in your home using your kitchen and utensils. You can buy starter kits of products online from any store. To start a candle making business, you need a couple of hundred dollars. Besides these costs, another start-up cost will include web development, depending on your skills.

2. Register Your Business

After planning your business, now it’s time to legalize your business. You should register your business and get a license according to the business license rules of your area. After registering your business, now register it for taxes. It is better to complete all the legal steps before starting your business to avoid any future inconvenience.

The tax you have to pay will depend upon the structure of the business you will choose. Now you have to open up a bank account for your business and give your business a proper name.

3. Setup Business Accounting

You have to maintain the accounts of your business to manage finance. You have to record expenses, sources of income and keep accurate and detailed accounts that will simplify your annual tax filing. If there are other permits and licenses, you need them to get them; otherwise, the delay will only result in hefty fines.

You have to visit the local clerk’s office to check all of your documents double. Sometimes your business gets shut down if you don’t follow the proper legal license acquiring procedure. Get the insurance of your business that will help you in the future in case of any mishap.

4. Market Your Brand

After completing all the legal steps, now it’s time to market your brand. The best way to market your business is to give ads in the newspaper of your area. You can also hang the posture of your business and hand out pamphlets in crowded areas near your business. After all this, the most effective technique to market is to do social media marketing.

Create a business profile for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Be precise and clear in defining your business and also mention other services and charges. Whenever you made a fresh stock of candles, post it with catching captions on your social media. Engage with your online customers and increase your organic traffic.

5. Optimize Your Business Website

Optimize your business website properly and engage more audience. Regularly update your website and add new products for your customers to buy. Manage a blog section in which you post blogs daily related to candles. For more engagement, try techniques like giveaways and early bird discounts on your products.

It is not easy to generate traffic to your website, but once you get enough audience, keep them engaged by posting fresh and unique content. You can use website builder tools to create a user-friendly and simple website that you easily manage. This will save you the cost of hiring a web developer.


To start a candle making business is not easy as it sounds. Like other legitimate businesses, you need proper planning and complete market research. Analyze your targeted areas and know more about the candle markets. You need to find the location and name of your business and have to buy ingredients and equipment for candle making. You have to properly learn how to make a candle to avoid any blunder. File for tax and business license and market your products. Reach more and more markets to increase your sale and advertise your candle-making business. Having a business website will help your business to attract more customers.

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