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40 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan With Low Investment

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40 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan With Low Investment

There are many opportunities for people in Pakistan to start their own business. Many business ideas in Pakistan can be created with zero or low investment. It is an opportunity for the middle class and student community to start their own business and earn money.

Covid-19 already took jobs of hundreds of workers and employees. The second wave of the corona is here, and yet there is a possibility of another lockdown. The best way to deal with unemployment and money issues has a business that provides you money during a pandemic.

Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Here are 40 small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment.

1. Social Media Marketing

The social media industry is booming currently and have a lot of opportunities for online earning. You can easily start a business by opening an online marketing agency. First, you can start work individually and then hire others to join you and start a business.

2. Freelancing

Among all the business ideas in Pakistan, freelancing still stands on the top. This is the best way to start a career in freelancing. You can begin with any skill you have and earn money by sitting at home.

3. Blogging

We are living in a world of social media. People spend more time on screens than on books. You can keep a blog and make your audience interested in your content. Blogging is the best way to start a business with zero investment in Pakistan.

4. Content Writing

Content writing is the best option to start a business of your own in Pakistan. You can work for companies, firms, and organizations. Manage their online websites. Plan a schedule for them and write their reports and other content. You can also work on different online earning websites in Pakistan and earn money.

5. Editing and Proof Reading

If you have free time and thinking of starting a business, you can give editing and proofreading a try. If you are a  reader and have command of the English language, then go for this business idea. This is among the best business ideas in Pakistan that require no investment.

6. Real Estate Investment

If you know properties and their buying and selling, you can start your own real estate business. People are earning a lot in this field. The real estate business is the most profitable in Pakistan.

7. Digital Marketing

This business idea requires technical skills. You can start your digital marketing agency if you have the required skills. Many students are now earning this way. This is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan.

8. Event Planning

Today we live in a world where the presence of social media made people celebrate events. If you have a taste in event planning, you can start your own event planning company. You can plan events like birthday, engagement, baby showers, etc. However, you have to invest in this event planning business.

9. Catering Services

You can provide catering services to events like marriages, birthdays, etc. You can start your own catering company. This is the best business idea for a housewife to start from home. This doesn’t require much investment.

10. Online Garment Store

online garments store

Many people have their online stores. You can also start an online garment store. Either you can design the cloth by yourself or buy from some cloth company and then sell them online. Online stores of the garment are among the profitable business ideas in Pakistan.

11. Photography

The photography business is quite blooming in Pakistan due to increasing social media presence. If you have photography skills, then you can start a business with this. Buying a camera cost you some money, but you can book events and charge for each event.

12. Make-up Artist

A makeup artist is a business that is trending in Pakistan. If you are interested in doing makeup, you can open up your parlor, although that requires investment. First, you have to learn the skill professionally, buy good quality makeup, and start your business.

13. Mehndi Artist

Mehndi artists are making a good income today. IF you know how to apply mehndi, you can get start your mehndi parlor and earn money. Another way to earn money is you can make a YouTube channel and regularly post your designs.

14. Baking Items

Starting a baking business in 2020 is quite an amazing idea. Not only can you sell them but also customize baking items for specific parties and events. This is the low investment business idea you can start today if you love to bake.

15. Art and Craft

Art and craft is another skill that gets you money easily. People are quite interested in the arts. Suppose you have that skill, then you can easily set up your art and craft business. All you need is business ideas in Pakistan that require low investments.

16. Day Care Center

day care centre

Opening a day-care center is a good business idea to start in 2020. If you have spare room and time, you can open a day-care center at your home and create your own business. Due to an increase in the working-class, there is increased demand for a day-care center.

17. Travel Agency

Pakistan is the best place to visit and listed on top of the list in tourism. If you love to travel and know about the beautiful and historical sites, you should open up a traveling agency.

18. Electronic Accessories

We live in the digital world every day, a new electronic device launched, and people go crazy about mobile phones and other electronic devices. You can start a business with electronic devices. You need basic knowledge of different electronics. You can start with low investment at first and set a business.

19. Teaching Academy

Teaching is a noble profession in Pakistan. If you are a professional teacher in school or college, you can start your teaching academy from home. You can hire teachers and start tutoring kids and earn money.

20. Gym Trainer

gym trainer

If you are a fitness freak, you should become a gym trainer and start your own gym business. You can provide training to gym members and provide them with a nice environment to work out. This is the most trending business in Pakistan today.

21. Property Dealing

Property dealing is another great business idea to start in Pakistan with low investment. You should know about the properties of your area well. This is commission-based work. You have to create a link between buyer and seller.

22. Renting Vehicles

Renting a vehicle is another good option for a start-up. You can rent vehicles for transport to other people. You can also rent them to Uber and Careem. This is also a commission-based work. Took vehicle from a person and give it on rent to others. This business, too, requires no investment.

23. Organic Farming

People prefer organic products more in the 21st century. It is among great business ideas to start your organic farm. You must have a garden or a field to grow fruits and vegetables and know the basics of organic food. You can hire professionals and start earning money today.

24. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the skill that has scope today. People need different kinds of designs, cards, logos, etc. for their firms and online businesses. It is an excellent opportunity to start a graphic designing business. You must have professional training or course before starting this low investment business.

25. E-commerce Business

online store

Building an e-commerce website is time-consuming but earning from it is relatively easy. This requires no investment. You have to make your e-commerce website or work on someone’s website and earn money. People, especially the young generation, is preferring this field in Pakistan.

26. YouTube

YouTube has become quite a platform for people to earn a handsome amount of money from it. You can start your own YouTube channel today and earn money. It depends upon you what type of YouTube channel you want to make like vlogging, food, traveling, etc.

27. Sale-Purchase of Second Hand Items

The purchasing and selling of second-hand items is a great business idea in Pakistan. While doing this business, you have to be careful because there are many illegal activities. This business needs time and careful handling of things. Purchasing and selling of mobile phones are quite common in Pakistan.

28. Customer Care Services

In Pakistan, there are many Customer Care Centres for foreign brands and products. If you want to open a customer care center for some foreign product, it will cost you low, and no doubt it is among Pakistan’s profitable business ideas.

29. Fish Farming

Fish farming is the right option for starting a new business in Pakistan. Popular and seasonal fishes are high in demand in Pakistan. You can start a business of fish farming and earn a huge profit. To start this business, you need some investment. Knowledge about fishes and fish farming is compulsory to start this business.

30. Pet Business

pet business

Pet business can also be a good option for starting a business in Pakistan. People love to have pets nowadays to provide services regarding keeping a pet and exporting them. You can start from a small scale with low investment and then expand it.

31. Gaming Studio

The trend of gaming in youngsters is quite common in Pakistan. It is a profitable business idea to start your gaming studio. You might need games and other equipment that will cost you some money. Pakistan has very few gaming studios, so it has low competition, and its chances are high.

32. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another suitable option for business in Pakistan. You can build a farm for chickens and start selling eggs and meat. The poultry business in Pakistan always proves to be profitable. People love their meat, and meat sells more than other farm things.

33. Restaurant Business

Food businesses in Pakistan always proved to be successful. You can start your restaurant. This requires low investment, but there will be customers’ lines for food once it is established. People love to dine-in in restaurants nowadays.

34. T-shirts and Mugs Printing

The demand for customized t-shirts and mugs are continuously increasing in Pakistan. First, get research done about the quality, printing, and trends, and then start the business. This business doesn’t require technical knowledge and investment.

35. Shoe Business

shoe business

The shoe market in Pakistan is quite large. The shoe store is a good business option for people who know about the retail sales market. The more you invest, the more you get in return. If you want to invest money in some business shoe business is a profitable idea for you.

36. Stationery Shop

People who want to start a business can open a stationery shop. This business doesn’t require knowledge. This is among the most straightforward business ideas in Pakistan. You have to sell small stationery items, including a pen, pencils, papers, a notebook, stapler, magazines, rough register, and more.

37. Web Development

Web development is a good business option for computer science, IT, and software engineering fields. You can either get your website service, or you can get projects on freelance sites. Social media can help you to get clients for your web developing business.

38. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another profitable business. In this business, you have to sell products from someone’s website and earn a commission.  You have to set a new website for affiliate marketing, which will cost you some money, and you can start working.

39. Software House

This is the business for individuals that belong to the software engineering field or computer science field. Talented and technical people are required to run a software house. This is a good business idea for a profitable business.

40. Private School

Opening a private school in Pakistan is a great idea to earn money easily. An educated individual can open a school in Pakistan. This business requires a big investment and proper planning.


There are many opportunities in Pakistan for business-minded people. In this article, there are 40 small business ideas in Pakistan. You can start today with low investment. If you want to create a new business, choose the option which matches your skill, work hard, and set a business. Once businesses get established, there will be earnings from the business, and you can become financially independent.

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