Should Students Have Work Experience Before Pursuing an MBA?

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Some general things that you should consider before getting admission in MBA is “Am I a good fit for this” “Is this really my field of interest” “Can work experience make it easy for me to study my favorite degree?”

All these questions has one answer. Try to get a work experience before getting admission. Students sometimes couldn’t understand the course content of MBA few months of their first year. Some student feel like they shouldn’t chose these subjects after getting admission.

Work experience is not a university requirement neither the university prefer students who has relevant work experience.  Universities selects student on merit and tests based. So, don’t think it’s going to be an edge to get admission until you have done something extraordinary in that field. In case of scholarships needy students with work experience will be preferred.

Work before pursuing MBA is a good and a wise choice because a lot of students stay confused in starting months of MBA. They couldn’t understand the course content, the subjects they should choose and the practical implementation of the things they are studying. To avoid all these confusion and to choose the best MBA subjects (according to interest and job market) students can do an internship in relevant field.

Work experience don’t help you out to just choosing the right subjects but you also develop many other skills such as:

Time Management

Time management is one of the best skill in the world. Professionalism teach us how to manage time. How to be punctual and what is the value of time. As a student’s our mind sometimes couldn’t focus on the important things and could easily get distracted from the study to other activities. But if you have time management skill you can easily schedule your study time, university extra co-curricular activities and personal life.


It’s 2022 and inflation has increased and effecting over all the world.  You can earn some amount from your paid internships. It’s will not just help you out to know the value of money but you can pay your MBA admission fee yourself or you can start a business right after completing MBA from your earned money.

How to Study Under Pressure?

On an average it has been observed that a student who has work experience can control the tough situation in university more easily than the one who has not. When you work under a boss you have also work pressure and deadlines. Your mind adapt all these thing, gradually overcome and in a short time improvise himself to control the situation. This ability makes many things easy for you in university when you will be loaded with lot of assignments and other works. You can perform better than other students.

Confidence Level

In a company or firm wherever you were working, you met many people there. You make projects for the company and gives presentations. It boost up your confidence level and make you aware from asking the right question. Moreover, it groom your personality. You become a better person who follow the university rules because you know the true value of rules.

To get a better Job after pursing MBA

After completing MBA degree all students apply for the jobs and their work experience is always empty. But previous work experience makes your resume more appealing and enhance the chances of selecting in a better job. You already know how to give interview and what questions are they going to ask because you have already practical experience.

Network Building

When you do a job you get to know the importance of network building. You know how to choose your surrounding who can make you a better person and can gives you benefits. You share your knowledge with them and it helps them out. In this way you make a healthy network. Moreover, work experience makes it easy for you to communicate with others. You find it easy to talk with other students and professors. Your personality is more mature than other students and you can interact with university management and faculty more confidently and make good connections with them.

Team Building

In corporate organization, employees works in teams. It is one of the basic requirement of every company that employee should be a team builder. This skills makes you a better student in university. You are appreciated by everyone due to your team building ability because many assignments and projects in university is team based. Teachers assign groups and students are supposed to create a good friendly environment where they can work together.  Some universities give exceptional marks to students if they behave well.

Right Direction

MBA is a degree with many subjects. You don’t know in start which subjects is more beneficial for you. But when you do a job in a corporate industry or in any organization you get to know many terms, technicalities and their job scope. It gives you right direction to choose right subject of your interest.

Help to choose a better Business College

Once you get professional skills and analytical thinking, your criteria to choose a business college is also become well. You already have good knowledge about the subjects and many other things. Work experience also give you an edge in summer internships.

Not all students can easily finance their degree, but if they have work experience they can apply in university campus for a work. Most probably they can get a job in university during their degree.

Working a year or 2 years is more than enough before pursing MBA. It makes you a better student and a better person. It prepares you for competition and it is 2022 and today’s generation is more skillful. Degree gives you basic knowledge but jobs/internships gives you practical experience.  Work experience is the realistic implementation of basic concept and skills you will be going to learn in MBA.

But at the end it is always not necessary to work. It’s your choice. Getting a work experience before job is a bonus but not a necessity. Many students prefer to complete their academic life as soon as possible and they don’t prefer job.


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