Inverter ac price in pakistan

Inverter AC Price in Pakistan?

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Inverter AC Price in Pakistan?

If you are wondering about the Inverter AC price in Pakistan, this article will help you. In summers, the demand for air conditioners always goes up. People buy air conditioners that have reasonable prices and have a low maintenance cost.

Inverter AC is more of a luxury now, and these air conditioners cool the room faster than the normal ones. These are popular because they consume less energy and reduce your electricity bill. Today people pay attention to luxuries like inverter AC, solar cars, automated home systems, etc. So keep in mind your budget and choose a reliable company for your electronic equipment.

If you are also looking for an inventor AC but don’t know about the size and brand, we compiled a list of some popular and reliable inverter ACs.

Inverter AC Price in Pakistan?

Here is the best inverter AC price in Pakistan. Before that, let us have a look at why inverter AC is essential in summers.

Difference between Normal Ac and Inverter AC

Normal AC and inverter AC both have the same functions, and both use the same method to drop room temperature. The main difference is the efficiency of the Compressor.

The Compressor in the normal inverter AC has two modes: on and off. They have fix speed, and when they reach the desired temperature, they shut off automatically. Once the temperature of the room drops, it again begins to run at a fixed speed.

The Compressor in the inverter AC works at the variable speed. When the room reaches the desired temperature, Compressor continues to run at a low speed. When the temperature drops, it increases its speed and makes the room cooler again.

Inverter AC is more energy-efficient and adjusts their power consumption with the automatic option, which means fewer electricity bills.

Why You Should Buy an Inverter AC

There are many reasons to buy the best air conditioner for your home.

  • The efficiency of the Compressor
  • Energy-efficient and reduce electricity bills
  • The outdoor unit is less noisy
  • They are Eco-friendly
  • One time Investment

Choose the Best Invertor for your Home

 When buying an inverter AC, you must choose the suitable capacity AC for your home. The term ton is used to tell us how much heat an air conditioner can remove from the hour at a specific time.

There are three types of wall-mounted inverter AC available in Pakistan.

  • 1- Ton Invertor AC
  • 5- Ton Invertor AC
  • 2 – Ton Invertor AC

While buying AC for your room, keep in mind the size of it. Let’s have a look at the best inverter AC price in Pakistan.

List of 1 Ton Invertor AC


1. Samsung Inverter AC

Samsung inverter AC is very popular in Pakistan. Their 1 ton AC is suitable for a family of 2-4. The price of this AC starts from PKR 68,000.

2.Gree Inverter AC

This inverter AC is also popular due to its excellent features. If you have a family of fewer than four people, you can buy this inverter AC. The price of Gree‘s one-ton AC starts from PKR 69,000.

3.Haier Inverter AC

Haier has several electronic products, and their products are popular due to their reliability. You can buy Haier one-ton inverter AC at the price of PKR 61,000.

4.Orient Inverter AC

People also prefer to buy orient inverter AC. Their one-ton AC has a price of PKR 65,000.

5.Pel Inverter AC

Pel inverter AC is also a choice of the number of people. You can buy Pel invertor 1 ton AC at the price of  PKR 62,000.

6.Dawlance Inverter AC

Dawlance has very reliable electronic products and their air conditioners also very popular. You can get their inverter AC in PKR 64,500.

7.Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood inverter AC is also good, and its one-ton AC has a price of PKR 66,000.

List of 1.5 Ton Invertor AC


                 Brands                    Price
Gree Inverter AC                  91,000
Haier inverter AC                  80,000
Samsung Inverter AC                   1Lakh
Orient inverter AC                  84,000
Pel inverter AC                  80,000
Dawlance Inverter AC                  80,000


List of 2 Ton Invertor AC


            Brands              Price
 Haier Inverter AC            1.09 Lakh
 Gree Inverter AC            1.25 Lakh
 Samsung Inverter AC            1.48 Lakh
 Pel Inverter AC            1.1 Lakh
 Kenwood Inverter AC            1.1 Lakh
 Orient Inverter AC            1.1 Lakh
 Dawlance Inverter AC            1.2 Lakh


Wrapping Up:

Choosing the best inverter AC is not an easy task. The first thing you have to do while buying inverter AC is to consider your budget. Second, you have to know the requirement of that AC. If you buy AC for a small room with two people, then 1-ton inverter Ac is good. Decide on your need and choose any of the above companies to buy an air conditioner this summer.

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