write articles and earn money in India

How to Write Articles and Earn Money in India

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How to Write Articles and Earn Money in India

There are many ways which help you to write articles and earn money in India. There are different types of writers, and each writes for various purposes. Some writers write to share their stories with others, while some write to earn money. Many people have good writing skills and looking for job opportunities in the field of article writing.

If you enjoy writing and are determined to make a career in this field, then apply for some jobs. Writers get better when they write on different topics regularly. If you already have a job, then start by applying for a part-time job as a writer. While you get better at your writing skills, you can leave your traditional job and pursue your career as a full-time article writer.

You can also make your profile on different online earning websites and start selling your writing services online. Writing articles is the best online job without investment in 2021.

Write Articles and Earn Money in India

Here is the list of types of article writing you can do and earn money.

1. Magazine Article Writing

You can earn money by writing an article in a magazine. For writing a magazine article, you need to pitch magazines with new and creative topics. Once your topics reach the editor, they will contact you if they liked your ideas. With some ideas, make sure to send your portfolio as well. If you get hired for article writing in a magazine, make sure to make your article creative and engaging. Writing magazine articles is the best way to write articles and earn money in India.

2. Newspaper Article Writing

If you like to share your views on different topics like business, sports, and politics and want to get your article published in newspapers, you have to contact the editors. Suggest some topics to the newspaper editor and convince them with your skills that you can create an interesting piece for your audience. Newspaper writing has a different format than a magazine, journals, or blog writings. Learn how to write in a newspaper with a proper format, apply to different newspapers, and get hired.

3. Journal Article Writing

You can also write articles in journals and earn money. Journals serve different purposes. They can be personal or creative. If you read someone’s journal online and wanted to contribute as a writer, then apply for it. Journal writing has its style, so to learn a proper format of writing articles in journals, apply, and get hired. Journal article writing is the best way to write articles and earn money in India.

Top Websites that Pay you Money for Writing Articles

Here is the list of top websites in India which allow you to write articles and earn money by sitting at home.

1. India.Writerbay.com

If you are good at writing articles, this is the best site that helps you to earn money with your writing skills. There is no registration fee, and you can choose from various topics to write on. They provide a high salary to their writers, and their customer support will help you 24/7. To join india.writerbay.com, you have to fill out the application form and pass a grammar test. Write a sample article and upload a detailed resume; now wait for their approval. Once you get approved, you can work with them and earn money.


Worknhire is a website portal that allows people to post writing jobs on their portal. This site is similar to other freelancing websites where writing jobs are posted. You can apply for a job which is best suited to your skill. Apply with a good portfolio and get hired. Worknhire is the most popular website to write articles and earn money in India.

3. Writingcreek.com

Writingcreek.com is another popular website for getting writing jobs. This website is created for college students to earn money for their expenses and college fee. There are various types of writing jobs on their portal, and they offer flexible timings. Students who want to earn some money in their part-time can apply to this portal, get hired, and write articles.

4. Prospectsolutions.com

Prospect solution is another website that connects freelancers with companies and businesses. Companies post different article writing jobs, and freelancers apply to these jobs based on their skills. Then companies select their desired person and start working with them. If you want to work with reputed companies as a content writer, apply for jobs on their portal.

5. Academia-Research

Academia research provides writing opportunities to students who want to write academic-related articles. This is a good website for Indian academic writers, especially if you are a college student. Students are working with different clients on this website and earning money by completing academic writing tasks.

6. Study.com

This website is a good opportunity for teachers and college students to earn side income in their free time. You can take jobs in your free time and earn money by completing different writing tasks. Study.com provide you with many options in term of subjects, and you can choose a topic you are passionate about and work as much as you can to earn money. Study.com is among the top website to write articles and earn money online.

7. MyWritingMasters

MyWritingMasters is an Indian-based company that offers article writing jobs to college and PhD students. You have to signup and complete your profile by providing your work sample and adding your skills. Then you have to complete some tests and writing samples for a specific deadline. If you passed a test, then your profile got approved, and you will start getting orders. Now you have to complete tasks and earn money.

Wrapping Up:

As a student, it is good to have some side income. Writing articles is the best way to earn money in India. Suppose you are a writer and wanted to make a career in this field and apply for writing jobs. You can start by writing articles in local newspapers and magazines once you can get enough experience to apply to multinational companies as a content creator and get hired. These writing jobs pay you well, and you will get more exposure in the writing world by working with a reputable company.

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