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How to Start a Business on Amazon in Pakistan

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How to Start a Business on Amazon in Pakistan

If you want to know how to start a business on Amazon in Pakistan, this article will properly guide you. Amazon is an American multinational company that focuses on E-commerce, Cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is considered among the big companies of the world like Apple, Microsoft. Amazon is the online marketplace where there are books, electronic appliances, software, video games, furniture, and many other things. You can order anything you want on amazon from anywhere in the world.

Amazon has numerous opportunities for both sellers and buyers. More than 150 million Amazon users who registered on this company as a seller or a buyer. Amazon doesn’t have a presence in Pakistan. There are more than 70% of textile product dealers from Pakistan on Amazon. There are many people who are successfully doing their business on Amazon from Pakistan. The E-commerce industry is growing rapidly in Pakistan, so it is a great chance to start your own E-commerce business on Amazon. You can start any type of business on Amazon by sitting at home and earn money. Here is how you can start a business on Amazon in Pakistan.

How to Start Business on Amazon in Pakistan

Starting a business on a platform like Amazon requires thorough research and understanding.

1. Get to Know the Platform

The first step is to become familiar with the Amazon and how it operates in Pakistan. You have to gather information about the types of accounts, their working methods, and payment systems. This information will help you to understand the platform and make it easy for you to start a business on Amazon in Pakistan.

2. Sign Up as Seller

Visit the website and create a new account on Amazon in Pakistan. You can sign up as an individual and professional seller. To make a seller account, you have to select a plan. For that, visit Amazon in Pakistan website. There are two options in the selling account. If you want to sell less than 40 products, then you should select the individual plan. If you’re going to sell more, like the professional plan. This plan costs you almost 40 dollars for extra services.

3. Verification

Now you verify your account, Amazon generates a one-time password sent to you at your given email address. You have to open your email and verify it. Then click on create your Amazon account.

4. Provide Information about Business

You have to provide information about your business and business type. Your business location should not be in Pakistan if you don’t have a bank account in another country that Amazon allows you to do business. You need to have a physical address in some other country. Another feasible option is for you to take help from Ejad Labs Plus they allow you to open an account at its partner US banks. They provide you with the virtual address, which you can use to give your business location.

5. Add Business Type

There are many options available on Amazon from which you can select the one that best describes your business. The types are Publicly owned businesses, State-owned businesses, Privately-owned businesses, Charity, or individual. Provide the correct information.

6. Add Personal Information

Correctly add all the personal information in the boxes. Give your correct name, email address, other general information. You have to use the virtual phone number, and you can take help from Ejad Labs Plus. There is no Amazon in Pakistan, so you have to provide another number.

7. Select Marketplace

After completing the general information page now, you have to add the marketplace options. Add the place where you would like to sell your products, which means you have to provide amazon stores like or You can get an address from Ejad labs. After that, verify your billing information.

8. Provide Information about Store and products

Now you have to provide information related to your Amazon store. You have to fill in details like the name of your Amazon store and codes for your products. Further, you have to give information about the brand owner of the products you plan to sell. Next, if you have a trademark register, you have to fill in that information also.

9. Address Validation by Amazon

After completing all other information and verification about your store and account, the last step is to confirm your business address. Amazon sends the special code to your address by post, and you have to enter this code and confirm the address verification process. Here also the Ejad labs will help you to verify your address.

Wrapping Up:

There is no presence of Amazon in Pakistan, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to start your business. There are many business ideas that help you to start a business on Amazon. In this article, some steps will guide you on opening an account on Amazon in Pakistan. You can open your account and start and grow your business on Amazon. Amazon provides many opportunities for a business individual to make the name of their own brand.

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