how to get ntn number

How to Get NTN Number? Follow these steps

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How to Get NTN Number?

If you want to know how to get an NTN number, here is the complete guide.  NTN or national tax number is a number that is assigned to a company or AOP ( association of people) when they register themselves on the FBR portal. If you are an individual, then your CNIC will be used as NTN or your registration number. The federal board of revenue issues NTN number for the taxable transactions. You can also use NTN for the import and export of goods. You can obtain NTN from sales tax, income tax, and federal Excise purposes.

If you are in Pakistan, you know that you need an NTN number for paying tax. FBR made it necessary for every person who does business or takes a salary. First, you need to register yourself on FBR to pay tax. Then you have to follow steps on how to get NTN number.

How to get NTN Number from FBR?

If you don’t know how to get an NTN number from FBR, it is easy to get it. You don’t have to visit the office of FBR. There are few documents you need first to get the NTN number.

Documents You Need to get NTN Number      

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Latest payslip
  • Email address and contact number
  • Recently paid the electricity bill
  • NTN of the employer, their address and Email

If you are a businessman, then there are a few additional documents you require.  It would help if you had a business letter and property papers or rental agreements.

Steps on How to Get NTN Number

Then there is an online process to get the NTN number from the FBR website. Here are the steps on how to get an NTN number:

  • First, visit the website by clicking on the following link:
  • Then you click on the registration for an unregistered person.
  • A form will appear, then fill out the necessary personal information like your name, address, email, and CNIC.
  • After you fill out this information, then click on the submit button.
  • After this, a six digits code will send to your given cell number.
  • Enter the code in the relevant field and submit again. Your account will be created, and you will receive a PIN on your given email address.
  • Use the User ID and password to log in to your account.
  • After logging into your account, click on the draft option.
  • There you will see the application form; click on that.
  • Different tabs like the business tab, personal tab, property tab, and bank tab appear.
  • Fill out the application according to the nature of your job. No need to fill the business tab and bank tab.
  • Recheck the information and submit the form.
  • Attach all the required documents.

This is the detailed process on how to get  NTN number in Pakistan online.

Why is the NTN number important?

If you are eligible to pay income or property taxes, then you must have an NTN number. In this article, you will the process of how to get NTN number. This NTN number will help you in the future in many tax dealings. If you are a tax filer, then you have advantages over non-filers. For example, you have to pay less vehicle token tax. Non-filers have to pay more tax during banking transactions, property transactions, and vehicle tokens.

It is important and the duty of a citizen to have an NTN number from FBR. If your income falls in the taxable income, you are committing a crime by not giving tax. FBR can arrest those who have more than 6 lacs incomes and don’t pay tax on their incomes. Then you must know how to get NTN number to pay your taxes.


If you are a Pakistani citizen and have some business or do a job, you must pay tax to the government. For paying your taxes, you need an NTN number from the federal board of revenue in Pakistan. You can quickly get the NTN number by sitting at your home online; follow the steps above on how to get  NTN number in Pakistan.

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