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How to fix If your Instagram Music not Working?

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How to fix If your Instagram Music not Working?

If your Instagram music not working then don’t worry it’s a common issue among Instagram users. As a result, many users companied about Instagram’s music feature in 2021.

Instagram is a popular social media free chat site used to share pictures and videos with others. They released an Instagram music feature back in 2018 with access to limited areas. As the years passed, the music feature became available to all users. The music feature allows users to add tracks of their favorite songs to stories.

More than 600 million users post their Instagram stories daily. The music feature has become popular with time, and now everybody wants to use this feature while posting a story on Instagram. You can also view private Instagram accounts by using different tricks.

Instagram keeps on updating its tools for a better experience for users. However, if your Instagram music not working and giving you trouble, then there are few things you can try to get this feature.

How to Fix If your Instagram Music not Working

You can follow these steps and make your music feature work again.

1. Update Your Instagram App

Sometimes you are using the old version of the app in which many new features won’t work. For example, if you want to enjoy the new Instagram feature, update your app. Go to the play store, search the app and update it.

2. Try Signing In and Out

If Instagram music not working after the update, try signing in and out of the app. For this, go to the profile section and tap on three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Next, go to the settings and press the log out button. Now, after logging out again, log in by using your credentials. Now check whether the Instagram music feature is working or not.

3. Reinstall Instagram App

If your Instagram music still not working, then try reinstalling the app from the play store. Visit the Google play store and uninstall the app first then restart your smartphone. After this again, go to the play store and reinstall it. This process will help remove bugs in the link or prevent the story from using the music feature. Log in using your credential now it’s a fair chance that your music feature will start working.

4. Try Switching to Personal Account

Sometimes music features won’t work if you are using an Instagram business account. Many people reported that the minute they switch their profile to a business, the Instagram music feature stopped working. So, you can try switching back to a personal account to make your music feature work. For this, go to the Instagram setting and search the account section. Then, press the option switch to a personal account. Now wait, and you will get a working music feature soon.

5. Try switching to Creator Account.

There is another hack that helps you to fix the Instagram music feature. If you want to enjoy songs in your story again, try switching it to the creator account. Go to Instagram settings and find the account section. Click on the option switch to creator account. Sometimes it takes days to get your music feature working again.

6. Fix the Error

Sometimes a user will see this error on their screen, “the song is currently available.” There may be two reasons behind this error. One might be particular music tracks are not available in your country. So, these songs will not work in your region. The second reason is that the artist may have deleted the particular music track from Instagram, making it unavailable.

You can also fix this issue by converting your song into a video file and then share it on Instagram. Many online tools help you convert your music into a file format that you can use in your story.

7. File a Complaint

If your music feature is not working, then file a complaint to Instagram. This might work for you, and they take notice and fix your problem. For that, go to your profile and tap on the setting button. Now click on the option to go to help. Next, click on the report the problem option and follow the instruction on your screen to file a complaint. You can also write them on this email and file a report.

8. Try Using VPN

Using a VPN may help you to unlock the Instagram music feature. If you use VPN on your cell phone, it lets you hide your real IP address and replace it with another country IP address where the music feature works. The regions where Instagram music works are the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, etc. Change the IP address and enjoy the music feature in your stories.

Wrapping Up:

A common problem face by Instagram users is their music feature won’t work. The main reason is that there is limited access to these features. In addition, only a few regions of the world allow this feature to work. If your Instagram music feature is not working, try the hacks like signing in and out of the app, updating the app, etc.; you can also use VPN to see if that feature is working.

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