how to earn money online in pakistan

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

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How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

The most common question we came across every day is how to earn money online in Pakistan. Making money is not easy, especially when the whole world is still stuck in the Pandemic.

In many parts of the world, people earn money online by doing work either on freelancing platforms or shifting their business online. Many people are also earning online in Pakistan, but online earning is still new in certain age groups.

Before deciding on what you want to do online,  keep in mind that focus and hard work is the only key to success. If you ignore learning new skills and applying them, it will become difficult to earn money online in Pakistan.

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

If you want to be financially independent, you can follow our guide on “how to earn money online in Pakistan.” Choose a field in which you are interested and start working today without any investment.

For earning money online, you can choose from many options. You can start by opening your business online, like an e-commerce store, or selling your services online on any freelancing platform. You can also get hired by a company and do their work remotely by sitting at home in this Pandemic.

12 Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Here are some ways that can help you with your finances.

1. Google AdSense


Google AdSense is the most popular advertising program of Google and people use it to monetize their traffic. You can use this platform to get money on your traffic. Google AdSense works by paying you for the Ads on your website.

The more traffic you have on your site, the more money you make. The Ads can be of different types and sizes. AdSense work on a click per post basis.  You can try different types of Ads and see which one goes with your site, and you can earn profit from it.

With the help of AdSense, you can generate online revenue with no investment. This way of earning doesn’t require any technical skills, and you can monetize your traffic and earn online from home.


YouTube is one of the most popular websites with billion of users. There are tons of data uploaded by people from different parts of the world every minute. More than five billion videos are watched by people daily. You can earn money by making your YouTube channel.

You have to create a channel and start uploading videos. Before creating a channel, you have to decide on what topic you want to create content. You can make videos on gaming, education, everyday hacks, etc. First, conduct research and see what type of videos or topics are on-trend these days.

You have to create unique content to avoid copy-right issues. Be consistent in posting videos, and you will be able to earn money after few months.


blogging in pakistan

Another way you can earn money online is through blogging. Blogging is a bit technical, but you can learn its basics in few days. If you start a blog and post on it regularly with good content, you will attract organic traffic, which is best for your blogging site.

You also have to choose a specific niche and write a flawless piece to grab your readers’ attention for blogging. Try to use words that will hook your readers to your blog. The more traffic you generate with your blog, the more revenue your blog will generate.

You can earn money by blogging without any investment. You have to put in hard work to reach a level where you can earn millions with your online work. Many people in Pakistan are already earning online through blogging websites.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing in which you promote and sell stuff of other brands. When you make a sale with your marketing, the brand will pay you a commission fee. Millions of people are doing full-time affiliate marketing and earning millions.

You can also earn money through affiliation in Pakistan. There are many platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz, eBay, etc., where you can start this work. Create your website and enroll in affiliate marketing.

5. Content Writing

Content writing is another way to earn money online in Pakistan. If you have good writing skills, you can get a job as a content writer in a firm. You can also use different online earning websites to find a job as a writer.

Many organizations in Pakistan are looking for writers. You can get a remote job as a writer with a company. Creating content is an important industry, and many people are already earning much with content writing jobs.

There are many different types of writing like blog writing, article writing, story writing, copywriting, etc. You can choose any type depending upon your interest and skills and start earning today.

6.Online Teaching

online teaching in pakistan

Trends of teaching have also changed along with other trends like earning money or doing business. Most educational institutions are still conducting online classes for the safety of students. It is a great opportunity to work as an online teacher with some agency.

You can also start your teaching agency and hire qualified teachers to teach students online. Online teaching academy is the best business idea that doesn’t require any investment.

7. Data Entry Specialist

If you are looking for an answer on how to earn money online in Pakistan, then look for data entry jobs online. Hundreds of sites hire people to do data entry work remotely.

For this job, you don’t need any skills except basic knowledge of MS office and excel. You can also look for a job on Fiverr, Upwork, etc., and get hired as a data entry specialist. This job not only pays you well but also doesn’t require any investment.

8. Freelancing

The term earning money online is often associated with the term freelancing. You can also earn money by doing freelancing in Pakistan. For the past two years, the freelance industry in Pakistan is booming, and many students and fresh graduates are earning money through these platforms.

There are many freelancing platforms from which you can choose, such as:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • com
  • 99Designs

Freelancing not only makes you financially independent but provides you an opportunity to work from home.

9. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

With different social media apps and technological advancements, digital marketing is becoming a common career choice. Digital marketing is a type of marketing that includes the promotion and advertisement of a business or brand with the help of social media.

You can start by learning some basic skills in digital marketing. Once you have enough experience and knowledge, you can start your own digital marketing company. You can use your advertising knowledge and apply it to websites and social media apps to market products.

10. Web and App Development

Many computer students are earning their pocket money by developing websites and apps for companies. Developing app and websites require technical skills and computer knowledge. So, if you have a computer degree, you can earn money by developing apps and websites for your clients.

You can get clients from different online earning websites. You can also apply to different software houses, get a remote job developing websites and mobile applications, and earn a handsome amount of money in 2021.

11. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the highest-paid jobs today in the world. You can earn millions with your graphic design skills. With the shifting of business online, there is demand for websites, apps, etc., for which companies need graphic illustrations.

Apply to different designing firms and also try to get a job from 99designs or Upwork. Once you get hired, you have an opportunity to develop more advanced graphic designing skills. Get a job in graphic designing and start earning today in Pakistan.

12. Ecommerce Store

ecommerce store

You can start your e-commerce store and sell different products. The best way to earn money in Pakistan is to start your own business today. You can sell different products online and earn money. E-Commerce stores allow you to work from home and manage all the processes online.

The trend of online shopping is quite popular, and people prefer to order things through the internet. Before starting your e-commerce store, conduct research and decide on products that are in demand. You can start this venture with your friends or a family member and start earning money.

Wrapping Up:

Earning online is not easy, but with hard work, you can land an online job. If you want to earn money, you have to develop skills in a certain field and apply them on different earning platforms. You can earn money through YouTube, Google AdSense, blogging, freelancing, writing, etc. If you have a skill, utilize it, get hired by companies, and start making money online in Pakistan.

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