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How to Earn Money on Tiktok in Pakistan?

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A vast population in Pakistan uses the Tiktok app every day. Tiktok is a famous platform used by many celebrities, actors, bloggers, and young people in our country. But do you know how to earn money on Tiktok in Pakistan?

Tiktok is another social media platform that can help you earn money. On Tiktok, you can watch short videos and upload and download them. At first, Tiktok was only used for entertainment purposes, but now it is used as a tool to promote different types of content to earn money.

How to download and Install Tiktok

You can download Tiktok like other applications on your mobile phone. Download the app from any referral link or the play store or app store on your smartphone. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Type Tiktok in the search bar
  • Click on the Tiktok app
  • Click on the Download button
  • Tiktok app will be installed
  • Watch and download videos

How to Make an Account on Tiktok?

If you want to earn money on Tiktok, you have to make an account on this social media platform. Here are three ways to make an account on the Tiktok app.

  • Login from Facebook: You can log in through your Facebook when you go to the login page. If you have a Facebook account, click that option and login into the app easily.
  • Login from Google: You can also log in to Tiktok to sign in through your Google account.
  • Referral Code: After logging in to the Tiktok app, put the referral code of the person who sent you the link to download Tiktok. 

How to Earn Money on Tiktok in Pakistan?

You can earn extra income from different social media platforms if you want to earn money through Tiktok. Today the concept of 9-5 jobs is fading, and many people are starting their businesses and launching their brands to be financially independent rather than depending upon a fixed income.

Here are some ways that help you earn an extra income through Tiktok.

  1. Sign up for Reward

The method to make an account on Tiktok is mentioned above. After making the account, you sign up using Facebook or Google and start earning coins. You will receive 20k coins in your Tiktok wallet, with Rs.20 in your account as a signup bonus.

1kcoins= 1PKR

  1. Earn Money by Referral Code

When you log in to the Tiktok account, you can put the referral code to get money. After putting the code, you will get 30k coins meaning you will be rewarded with Rs.30 in your wallet.

  1. Invite Family and Friends

Another method to earn money on Tiktok is to invite your friends and family members. This method helps us to get more money than other methods. You can share the links, download the app with the help of that link and get rewards. Inviting a single person on Tiktok will get you Rs.400. This money comes from:

  • Person joins through your referral link; you will get 60k coins
  • Person watch videos for three days, you will get 60k coins
  • Friend, watch the video for seven days. You will get 120k coins
  • The total coins will be 440k
  1. Upload Videos

You can also earn cash by uploading videos on Tiktok every day. You will earn 12k coins or Rs.12 per day by uploading a video.

  1. By using Hashtags

Always upload a video with the related hashtags. It will make your video reach thousands of people, and you will get more views on it. When your video is watched repeatedly, you will earn money watching videos.

  1. Link your Tiktok Account with Other Social Media Accounts

Tiktok has the option to help you link your Tiktok account with your other social media accounts. You can increase followers and views on your social media accounts which helps you earn more money.

How to Earn Money on Tiktok in Pakistan If You Are an Influencer?

Being an influencer provides a lot of platforms to earn money by various means. Influencers have many following of people on their social media accounts and have a reach to particular audiences.

They can easily promote any brand or sell any products with the help of their social media accounts. If you have enough following to get an audience on your content, try some ways to promote your content and generate revenue.

  1. Cross Promotions

An influencer can use cross-promotions with a lot of following, and you can use your different social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for the cross-promotion. Different brands and channels use Tiktok for cross-promotion. As an influencer, you can promote their products and earn up to 40-50k per month.

  1. E-Commerce

Tiktok influencers can start their own E-commerce business if they have a lot of following. If you want to be an influencer on Tiktok, follow those influencers and learn from their tips and ideas. Learn from them how to get followers to your account. After getting followers, the first thing you can do is promote a store’s products by signing a contract with them.

Once you have enough reach, you start your business on Tiktok and other social media platforms and earn money sitting at home.

  1. Brand Deals

Social media growth channels have allowed brands to create their brand names by sharing their products and services through influencers. People follow and listen to influencers, so they listen to them and order products they recommend. This can increase the brand’s sales and make that brand popular in the social media community.

Advertisers spend a fortune promoting products, and being an influencer pays well today. You can start sharing content on social media to grab your follower’s attention.

Creator Next Program by Tiktok

Creator next is the new program launched by Tiktok so that users can use this platform, gain followers, and earn money. Next to creator next, Tiktok is also planning to launch another service that allows users to send money to their favorite Tiktokers.

The Primary purpose behind this program is that people are using social media to earn income and run their businesses. With the help of this creator’s next program, they can keep people on this platform and prevent them from moving to other platforms that pay them for their content.

Tiktok makers also focus on enhancing live streaming features to engage more people on the platform. They are also planning to give creators a diamond option, a digital currency that can be exchanged for cash.

How to qualify for Creator Next Program

To qualify for this creator program, you need 100k followers on your Tiktok account. Tiktok is expanding its creator marketplace to more countries as well. This feature can allow users to make commitments with commercial partners and make money from sponsored videos.

This functionality is limited to some countries right now, but Tiktok is expanding its access, and soon, people from other countries will earn with the help of this feature.

Tips to Get Paid on Tiktok

Tiktok is the sixth most used social media platform in the world. It is one of those platforms that earn fame within a short period. If you have a question on how to earn money on Tiktok in Pakistan, here are some tips.

  1. Be authentic

Most of the people on social media are fake and take the help of lies to be famous. If you want your content’s organic audience, be accurate and tell people the right things. Show your talent in the most natural way to have an authentic audience for your content. This tip will help you later when you start brand deals and do commercials for different products and services.

  1. Be Creative

If you think you have a talent that you want to show to the world. Then pick up your phone and use Tiktok to show your talent to people. The most important part of being a Tiktok user is that you have to be creative. Your posts will be unique and engaging for users. Being creative will get you a lot of followers, and you can earn more money in this way.

  1. Connect with your Followers

If you want to be famous or become an influencer, you must connect with your followers daily. You don’t have to chat with them every day but use other means such as question-answer sessions, stories, polls, and surveys to be with your follower. When followers are in touch with you, they help you earn more money.

Wrapping Up:

Making money is not a piece of cake, even on social media. Social media platforms such as Tiktok provide you great opportunity to earn money by sitting at home. With the help of Tiktok, you can gain followers and have a large audience. You can promote brand deals and use sponsor videos to earn money.

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