earn money from amazon in pakistan

How To Earn Money from Amazon in Pakistan?

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Amazon is a tech multinational known as the leading digital retailer whose business interests are e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital streaming, etc.

How to earn money from Amazon in Pakistan is the question we have repeatedly heard. Amazon platform provides you with the opportunity to work from home and earn money.

Let’s look at different ways that can help you earn money from Amazon in Pakistan.

Why should you work on Amazon?

According to Forbes, Amazon’s total revenue is $386 billion for the year 2020, which is more than the economic size of Pakistan. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies with net profits of billions.

Amazon has now allowed Pakistanis to create a seller account and earn money. People are earning millions by working on Amazon.

If you start working on Amazon, there is a fair chance that your business will grow and provide you with profit. Two ways can help you earn money on Amazon one is to invest money, and the second is to start your own business with zero investment on Amazon.

How to Earn Money From Amazon in Pakistan

Here are some of the ways to start today on Amazon and start generating revenue.

1. Sell Wholesale Products

You can sell products on Amazon in bulk instead of targeting customers. Amazon provides commercial consumers with special prices and eases to shop on Amazon.

To become a seller on Amazon, you should have business skills and the ability to accept requests for quotes. On your store page, you can show the variety and quality of the items you want to sell.

2. Amazon Influencers

Amazon influencer is the affiliate program. If you want to become an approved Amazon influencer, you will be given a URL to your personal Amazon page. The page displays the products you want to sell and recommend to your followers.

Whenever someone buys a product through the link you recommend, you will earn a commission. If you have many social media followers, it’s time to earn money online from Amazon.

3. Amazon’s Associate Affiliate Program

Amazon associates are the top affiliate program that allows influencers from social media, publishers, and bloggers to make money online. Suppose you want to become an Amazon Associate, then signup for its affiliate program. After signing up, you will have access to affiliate accounts from which you can create links to get Amazon products.

The Affiliate account will be suspended if you fail to produce at least 2-3 sales in three months. You have to apply again to use the affiliate program. Commission through this program varies and depends upon the products you are selling.

4. Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon will provide you with an excellent opportunity to earn money in Pakistan. If you are a designer, then you can earn easily through it. You need to upload your designs of hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts and earn a commission by selling them on Amazon.

Merch provides you with the opportunity to sell free from any hassle or involves keeping a stock.

5. Dropshipping

Amazon Dropshipping is the best solution if you want to sell with zero investment. In Dropshipping, the seller displays the products from a supplier on its store, and when a customer orders that product, you will get the profit from selling it.

If you want to do Amazon Dropshipping, you have to select the option of fulfilment merchant. This means you are responsible for the fulfilment of the order. Select a trending product, make an Amazon seller account, and start earning money.

6. Amazon Handmade

How to earn money from Amazon in Pakistan? No doubt Pakistan is a place for creative people, and Amazon provides an opportunity to sell handmade items and earn money. This place is similar to Etsy, where you can sell handmade items such as accessories, clothes, jewelry, etc.

You can also sell these items yourself and ship the product to an Amazon fulfilment center. Amazon fulfilment center then delivers the product under the FBA program.

  • Register to sell on Amazon
  • List your Products
  • Sell them

7. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle provides you with another opportunity to earn money on this platform. Kindle is an e-reader that allows you to read, download and buy millions of newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Before publishing a book, make sure that the topic is demanding and that readers will attract to it.

There are two royalty options available for each kindle book. The first option is 70% royalty, and the other option is 35%. If your book meets specific standards, you will be given 70% royalty.

8. Amazon Flex

Amazon flex provides an opportunity for drivers to earn with zero investment. Amazon Flex was launched as the same-day delivery option for its users. As a driver, you can select your working hours, make deliveries, and quickly earn up to $25 per hour.

If you want to become a part of Amazon flex, here is what you need:

  • Legal car with proper Papers
  • Smartphone
  • Driving license
  • Age of 21 years

Download the Amazon flex app and select the working hours of your choice.

Wrapping Up:

Here are some ways that can help you earn money from Amazon in Pakistan. Many ways include zero investment, so if you are looking to do a business, you can work on Amazon and start generating revenue today.

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