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How to Develop a Family Chat Application for iOS and Android?

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Ever thought it would be great if your family had their chatting app? Many people wonder if they must have a personal messenger to secure the family chats. Of course, they always have doubts if their family chatting history is private or not. So, one of the best solutions can be family mobile app development.

In this guide, we explained the steps to build a mobile application for family chat to stay connected with family members. It helps to keep all communication private and protected. Or course, it is possible because no more people know about that built messenger.

What Is A Family Chat Messenger, And Why Do Families Need It?

You need to stay connected with family members that live far away. Additionally, in this hectic and digital speedy world, many people don’t have time to spend with their near and dear ones. However, they must be in touch with those whom they cannot meet physically.

Additionally, when a person is traveling, he misses staying with family members. So, they need some technical solution that keeps them connected. Of course, there are some popular video calling apps, and some apps have these great features to stay connected.

However, they are publicly available apps. Also, there are many rumors and evidence that they sell user data, and therefore, most users find security concerns and privacy protection issues. It makes them uncomfortable using these apps.

Moreover, they feel confused because some members love specific apps, but some family members prefer other apps. The reason is the features different apps provide. That’s why people look for customized technical solutions. So, personal chatting tools or family messengers come in demand. So, it satisfies the following needs of families.

Need Of Family Chat Messenger:

  • Connecting parents and children with data privacy.
  • There are no forwarded messages or entertaining messages like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other apps have. So, families can keep healthy conversations.
  • They can share files like audio and video without worrying about privacy.
  • There is no chance of sensual content being transferred.
  • There is no spam folder. So, users get the message sent to them.

What Are Common Features Of Family Chatting Apps?

Before starting family mobile app development, you must decide what it should offer you. There are hundreds of types of features you can include in your family apps. Of course, you don’t need to add many of them. So, the first thing is to define the type of features. Therefore, we have listed a few must-have family app features below.

Simple User Profile:

You don’t have to create a high profile or professional profile. So, you can keep the profile creation quite simple. It can only include name, image, and a few more information. It must not have a complicated and lengthy process.

Chatting Tools:

The family messenger is to create a personal chatting room. So, it must have chatting options, like text input, audio calls, video calls, and group calls like conference meetings. Moreover, family chat apps must have file-sharing options. So, they can share images and videos and also documents.

Parent Control Features:

Most kids nowadays use mobile phones more than their parents. But family chat apps must-have parenting control. So, parents can control the activities of kids in the app. So, the app should let them customize the kid’s account.

Family Tree:

Most families have a complicated history of their relatives. So, they can include them according to their family tree hierarchy. It also helps to add new members and modify the tree. So, the next generations can quickly recognize family members when they meet them.

How To Develop A Family Chat Messenger?

You can start family app development from scratch. However, you have to begin with the goals of your project and features or end product. Once you sit down and think about what to include, you get many creative ideas and cool features. So, your first step is to brainstorm your family app idea. After that, the process of family messenger development goes as follows.

Pre Development Phase:

At first, you must analyze the idea to define the software requirement. You will need to do some research on the type of technologies available to develop the apps. Moreover, decide the basic layout of activities and primary features.

Once you know what you want, you can start with wireframes to redefine your project. It helps you test your ideas, get feedback, and perform experiments with your app.

Prototyping & Design Phase:

Through prototyping, you can understand how your app looks to the end-users. You should create backend and frontend both to test the app idea.

Once the prototype is as per the design criteria, you can go ahead with the addition of features. You can also move to the MVP model to test the app with real users.

Test & Improvements:

Once your MVP or prototype app is finalized, you must send it to the testing team. They’re quality assurers to test the app’s quality and performance as per the designed criteria. Here, the testing engineers check the apps and fix bugs in apps. Then, the app is ready to launch.

Releasing App & Post-Launch:

Once the app is ready to launch, you can release it. So, users that are family members can install and use the app. You can launch the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Post-Launch is the stage when the developing team helps modify and update the apps. Of course, it also includes upgrading the technologies and servers, if any.

What Are Challenges For Family Chat Messenger Development?

All types of app development projects have some challenges. So, Family app development will also challenge developers. Let us discuss these challenges.

Incorporating A Dynamic Family Tree:

Family app development needs to introduce dynamic family trees. Here, users can feel the details and modify the tree. It can have branches. So, there must be a root at the top. So, the tree’s branches travel to the bottom as branches grow. Say, for example, when you add a new member, it must automatically provide a space for the next member to be added. Moreover, the app must send a notification to all users when a new member enters.

Developing Chats:

The next challenge that developers will face is the development of chatting tools. Family apps must have secured and easy chatting tools. So, the members can stay in touch to start communication anytime. Therefore, the team or developers need to integrate all information and features related to the messenger. However, there are some frameworks available to add without coding. They are great chatting features with security, reliability, and scalability.

Wrapping Up:

Do you want to develop a unique family chat messenger for your family?  You can build a family messenger for both Android and iOS users. Here in this post, we have discussed the family chat app and its needs. Moreover, we discussed prior features of the family messenger before starting mobile app development.

Now onwards, you must know how to develop a family chatting app. If you need to build your unique family app, you can hire a Smart App Development Company. It has a team of experts to provide technical solutions.

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