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How much does it cost to install AC in Suzuki Mehran?

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Suzuki Mehran is an extremely popular vehicle due to its economical price in Pakistan. In this car, you cannot expect to have a chilling effect of Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla, but you certainly can have some comfort if you are installing a good quality  AC compressor in your car.

I had a Suzuki Mehran VXR 2007 and it was my first car (I bought it). It comes with pre-installed AC. As per my experience, it was a way better A/C then what I expected. But after using it for a few years, my condenser died and I removed it as my compressor was also not in good condition. This year I installed a new A/C system in my car.

After doing market research and going through different threads on forums  I installed an aftermarket system. It is a unique composition and it’s serving the purpose. I got it installed from athar car ac shop F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.

Suzuzki Mehran AC price with complete kit is Rs. 35000

You can get some reasonable comfort by installing AC in Suzuki Mehran, But you can not compare it with cars having bigger engines.



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