how does zoom make money

How Does Zoom Make Money

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If you wonder how does zoom make money, let us first understand what zoom is and what it does. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that enables you to do visual meetings easily. People started working remotely due to Pandemic, and this video conferencing tool has become extremely popular. Its users increased overnight, and now zoom conduct millions of conferences each day.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the popular video conferencing platform whose headquarter is in California. Zoom helps organizations and companies to bring their team together on a platform to work from home easily. Zoom is a platform on which you can easily do a video call, voice calls, share content and do the chatting. You can download the zoom app on your desktop and mobile and manage your business from home.

Zoom has many key features that made it a useful conferencing platform. Zoom has an HD video chat and conferencing and also has an instant messaging feature. It has a feature of audio conferencing, which uses voice-over-internet protocol. It also has many virtual backgrounds for video calls and has an option for screen sharing and whiteboards. You can also hold video webinars on zoom.

How Does Zoom Make Money

Have you ever wondered that how does zoom makes money? Like many apps and video conferencing websites, zoom also offers a subscription to its platform. Zoom makes money from sales of these subscriptions to its platform. Currently, there are four types of subscriptions zoom provides to its users.

1. Basic Plan

The basic plan of zoom is free, and it is good for personal meetings. You can host up to 100 participants. You can host group meetings for 40 minutes, and the basic plan is unlimited for such meetings. You can use a basic plan to call your friends and family by sitting at home or arranging a quick business meeting with this plan.

2. Pro Plan

Pro plan is great for small meetings, and you can host a meeting for 100 participants, but you can add more people up to 1000 for large meetings. This subscription is paid, and you have to pay $149.90 /year/license. You can host group meetings for up to 30 hours. You also have options like social media marketing on this pro plan. This plan allows you to 1 GB of cloud recording per license. People having small businesses and organizations can use this subscription to conduct meeting sessions.

3. Business Plan

The business plan is good for medium and small businesses, and you have to pay $199.90 /year/license. You can host a meeting for 300 participants, but you can add more people up to 1000 for large meetings. This subscription plan comes with options such as single sign-on and recording transcripts. You can manage domains and also do branding for your company on this business plan. People having small and medium businesses prefer this subscription plan to manage their business remotely. This plan helps them to manage employees and observe the progress on their end.

4. Zoom Unlimited Business

Zoom business plan is used for meetings, chats, and phones with others. If you want a zoom unlimited business plan, you have to pay $350/year/license. This plan includes all the features of zoom united pro, and you have options like unlimited calling within global select. You can also add an unlimited calling option in where you can add up to 18 countries. This plan can host up to 300 participants and have features of both pro and business plans. This plan also has features like single sign-on, recording transcripts, company branding, and managed domains. Multinational companies have these subscriptions whose businesses have spread into different countries.

All these plans have different pricing ranges if you increase subscriptions per license. These subscription packages answer your question of how does zoom make money.

Earning Estimation of Past Years

According to reports, in the year 2019, zoom had $330.5 million, which is much higher than the revenue of 2018, which is $151.5 million. In past years zoom has seen revenue growth by the rate of 5x. In the Pandemic, where people and businesses are forced to work from home, the revenue is increased much higher.

People prefer zoom because of its low subscription pricing and its unique feature. For the past two years, the reach and features of zoom made it a popular video conferencing platform.

Wrapping Up:

Pandemic introduces us to many new websites and platforms that help us to work from home. Zoom is the website that becomes popular when we are forced to do business, attend classes and manage work by sitting at home. Many video conferencing websites allow you to call, conduct business meetings, and zoom. But, how does zoom make money? Then look at the subscription packages mention above in the article. Zoom make money from the sales of its different packages.

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