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The Freelancer guide to plagiarism writing jobs

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Writing jobs demands you to create unique and plagiarism-free content. You have to generate content about different products and current trends in such a writing job. Writing a blog post article or description comes under the umbrella of a freelance writing job.

Before delivering any content in the market, it is essential to go through a plagiarism check to increase your content’s credibility and trustworthiness.

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Plagiarism is a kind of intellectual stealing. It is a wide-ranging concept and has some legal consequences. Plagiarism can take many shapes, such as:

  • If someone copies and pastes the content from any source without mentioning the author, it will be considered direct plagiarism.
  • Unintentional or accidental plagiarism occurs when someone creates content and forgets to give citations. If there is no reference page at the end of any document and credits are not appropriate, it will give rise to accidental plagiarism.
  • If the writer takes material from multiple sources and adds insufficient and misleading citations, it will be recognized as source-based [plagiarism.
  • Sometimes writers add some material from their previous content and don’t mention it anywhere. It creates self-plagiarism.
  • Inappropriate approaches to rephrase the content give rise to paraphrasing plagiarism.

Consequences of plagiarism

No matter what kind of plagiarism is present in the content, it will bring some serious consequences. Therefore, before delivering any content, always go through a plagiarism check to ensure the content’s uniqueness.

  • Plagiarized content can ruin the professional reputation of writers. If it occurs frequently, then you will gradually lose the clients.
  • If you post such content on the internet, it will harm the ranking.
  • The algorithms of Google are fast enough to detect even a small percentage of plagiarism. If the nay article has the copied content without proper credits, it cannot appear on the first page of google. In severe cases, google will penalize the website permanently.
  • On the internet, a lot of material is protected by copyrights. If you copy such protected content, then the owner has a right to sue you.
  • Plagiarism is viewed as a result of laziness, so it has the potential to devalue your intelligence.
  • By plagiarizing any content, you are devaluing the efforts of other people.
  • Plagiarism can cause termination from your job and damages your reputation in the future as well. So stay focused while restarting any content and do a plagiarism check before handing over your content.

How freelancers can avoid plagiarism

There are numerous ways to avoid plagiarism in your content. In this way; you will be able to avoid serious consequences and penalties.

  • Use a plagiarism checker tool

PlagiarismDetector offers you a free tool for plagiarism check in any of your content. This online plagiarism checker doesn’t charge you anything, which means you will be able to conduct as many searches as you want. So copy and paste your content. This copyright checker offers you a deep and thorough check to generate exclusive plagiarism search and highlight the owner of plagiarized content. Therefore, you will be able to give credits to avoid copyright violations. This plagiarism tool will analyze your content based on lexical frequencies, word-choice, and matching phrases. It also offers you an option to rewrite all the plagiarized content.

  • Make a Commitment

One of the best ways to prevent plagiarism is to pledge to yourself that you will only create unique and fresh work. Practice writing on random topics to enhance your creative skills.

  • Paraphrase properly

Paraphrasing is a useful strategy to eliminate the chances of plagiarism in your content. So while paraphrasing, pay special attention to citations and add references at the end of your document. Try to avoid any misleading citations in your content.

  • Do a brainstorming and take notes

Always read about your topic and note all the important points. Then recreate the information in your own words. If there are exact phrases, use quotation marks to highlight them. Keep the original concept intact by using keywords to clear your point.

  • Re-Checking of Your Work:

Once you are done with your content, always proofread and make all the necessary editing to ensure uniqueness. Go through a plagiarism check via a plagiarism checker to confirm that you haven’t unintentionally copied any content.

  • Purchase a paper from the website

It is one of the well-known practices to avoid plagiarism. Different online websites offer you to deliver 100% original required content on any topic so you can pay them and purchase writing material.


Avoiding plagiarism allows every client to follow up on your writing sources whenever they want to check their accuracy or challenge your concepts. It will help you to maintain a trustworthy reputation in SEO rankings as well. So take all the fundamental steps to keep your document as original as possible and go for a plagiarism check before delivering your work to clients.

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