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Five amazing health Benefits of chilgoza (Pine Nuts)

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Pine Nuts are found in the regions of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They are rich in proteins and carbohydrates and an excellent source of energy for males. These nuts are amazing foods know for thousands of years. Here are some health benefits of chilgoza (Pine Nuts).

1. Increases Sexual Energy

Pine Nuts are known for an excellent source of energy during sex. The presence of zinc in this fruit reduces infertility in males. It increases male sperm count and the sexual performance of men can be increased by eating this dry fruit. Zinc also boosts immunity and helps in the healing of wounds. They can also help in reducing fatigue after sex because hormones in them can repair body tissues.

2. Prevents Diabetes

Pine nuts increase the production of insulin in the human body. Insulin plays an important role in the processing of sugars in the blood and thereby helps in the reduction of diabetes. Also eating these nuts will not increase your weight.

3. Prevents Cancer

It is a rich source of omega 6 and selenium. The presence of selenium is also useful in infertility treatments. It helps in stopping the growth of cancer-causing elements in the body. Consuming these nuts can also prevent from hypertension.

4. Reduces Heart Attack

Studies have shown that nut consumption can cut the risk of sudden death by a heart attack.  Pine Nuts contain pinolenic acid which helps supporting in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Monounsaturated fats, vitamins E and K, magnesium, and manganese form a synergistic blend to prevent cardiovascular disease.

5.  Strengthen Bones

Pine Nuts are rich in vitamin K and this vitamin prevents the growth of osteoporosis. It not only increases bone density but also helps in the prevention of fracture of bones. Taking these nuts on daily basis can help in strengthening of bones. They are also rich in proteins and can help in the prevention of muscle sprains.

Chilgoza (Pine nuts) are quite expensive dry fruit but they have their amazing health benefits. They can keep you full for a longer time, which in turn, will keep you away from bingeing on junk food items. They keep you warm and are good to munch on during the winter season. It is best to use common sense in choosing foods and not be grappled or confused by the commercial industry, flooded with processed packaged food. Anti-oxidants found in this fruit play an important role in fighting radicals that are used in age-related deterioration.





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