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Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Pinterest Widget on a Website

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You might have heard this statement a lot – “It’s all about presentation.” Even the character from the movie “MegaMind” delivers the same line while presenting himself to the world to make an impression. And to be honest, the statement stands true. What all matters to draw attention and impress the audience is the presentation.

Businesses are making long strides towards building their online presence, and if you are in the same race running towards establishing your online presence, then this blog is especially for you.

And as we have emphasized on having a presentation, we have a little hack for you that can make your website more presentable and appealing in front of the audience. And this can help you to impress your audience, and eventually, it can help you in achieving your goals. And that hack is – add images and videos to your website.

Why Images and videos?

Visual-based media has the power to attract people, as they are colorful, engaging, and provides a great medium to express. Moreover, it stays in the mind of the viewer for a longer time. So we are safe to say that adding visual-based media on the website is the best way to make it more engaging, presentable and impressive.

Many might argue that images and videos can affect the speed on a website, and that is a valid argument. Hence, to counter that, we have another amazing hack for you, and that is – embed Pinterest feed on your website.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is an amazing social media platform that is known for providing amazing and engaging visual-based content. Moreover, it focuses, especially on visual content. Hence you have ample content that you can add on your website and enhance its beauty.

There are 3 simple ways to embed a Pinterest feed on the website. Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still apply these methods and successfully add Pinterest to the website. We have handpicked the simplest and easiest way for you so that you can add charm to your website without incurring any unnecessary cost.

Simplest Way To Embed Pinterest Widget On The Website

Embedding a Pinterest widget on the website is an easy and simple way to display Pinterest posts on the website. If you have heard about the Pinterest widget for the first time, here is a summarized explanation for it – the Pinterest widget is a functional block on the website that helps you to display Pinterest posts on the website. These are some of the simple ways to embed them on the website :

1.   Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you collect social media feeds from your desired social media platform, allowing you to curate and customize the feed before displaying them on the website. They provide a dedicated Pinterest widget that showcases Pinterest content on your website.

To embed a Pinterest widget on the website, all you have to do is follow some simple steps: collect Pinterest posts using social media aggregator, generate the embedding code for the widget, and then simply copy-paste the code on the backend of your website.

And that is it, and your website will showcase all the content from your desired source. Moreover, the widget updates the content automatically, so as soon as someone uploads the content on your desired source, the widget will display simultaneously.

Other than simplifying the embedding process, it provides the following highlighted features.

Customization – To personalize your widget as per your requirements. Allows you to modify the widget by changing font size, font style, and more.

Range of layouts and themes – To choose the appropriate style of widget that matches your website. It brings grace to your website and makes it look more professional.

Moderation – To remove all unwanted and irrelevant content from the widget and maintain the quality of your website.

Responsive widget – That adjusts itself according to any screen type. So there is no need to change the display setting as per different screen resolutions and sizes.

2.   WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a prominent website-building platform, so the process is easier for you if you are using a WordPress website. WordPress plugins store consists of various plugins that offer you a Pinterest widget that you can embed on your website.

All you need to do is – install the plugin, collect the needed posts from your widget, and add the widget on your website to display the collected feed.

These plugins provide most of the features that social media aggregators offers; hence these plugins adds great significance to this strategy.

3.   Using Screenshots

This is a simple process but the most time-consuming process. You can take the screenshots of your desired post and add them to your website. But you have to go through the entire process for each post you want to showcase on your website. Also, you cannot customize the widget as per your requirements.

To Conclude

In this competitive world, where businesses are eager to establish their online presence, you need to have that x-factor on your website to get an edge over your competitors. And by opting to embed the Pinterest widget on your website, you can achieve that feat. It enhances the visuals of your website and integrates Pinterest to your website, which means even if someone is unaware of your Pinterest presence, they have the option to follow you there, strengthening your social media presence.

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