how to check property ownership in pakistan online

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

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Suppose you have property somewhere in Pakistan and wants to know the ownership rights of that property. Don’t worry; follow our guide on how to check property ownership in Pakistan online.

Due to internet availability, smartphones, and such technologies, it is easier to locate or get information about something. Pakistan is also practicing digital applications in many public and private sectors. The digital revolution brought the concept of E-governance to Pakistan. Pakistan is now making online portals to do many tasks such as admission in universities, verifying CNIC from Nadra, etc. Now you don’t have to visit the place physically. You can get information by sitting at home online.

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

Checking property ownership online is a new digital process. Many people still don’t know about that. Here is the guide on how to check property ownership in Pakistan Online.

  • Visit the website of Sindh Zameen or Punjab Zameen depending upon the region in which your property is located. You can visit these websites from here: and
  • Once you are on the website’s homepage, select your district, tehsil, and area in which your property is located.
  • Next, you are given three options you can either search with your CNIC, name, or property number.
  • If you want it to search through CNIC, put your 13 digits CNIC.
  • Once you fill in all the necessary information, click on the search button, and get your desired result.

Benefits of Digitisation of Urban Land Records in Pakistan

In Pakistan, only Sindh and Punjab have launched the online portal for checking property ownership. In this article, you will find a guide about how to check property ownership in Pakistan online. Here are some benefits of the digitization of urban land records in Pakistan.

  • It takes less time in case of shifting of property.
  • There is no need to visit the office physically. You can check records anywhere and anytime.
  • There is no fee for checking the records.
  • Now there is no need to pay any money to patwari for searching for property.
  • Bio-metric verification ensures a more secure online system.
  • Incorporation with the NADRA proves the validity of all the records of the property.

Punjab Land Record Authority

Punjab land record authority launched a new digital system to see all Punjab’s land and property records. A person having a property in Punjab can check the logs on LRMIS. Land records management information systems handle all the matters related to land and property. LRMIS solves the problem of how to check property ownership in Pakistan online.

PLRA also launched a mobile app. You can download the mobile app and check your record anytime. There is no need to visit the website anymore. The app is currently available for android users only.

Similarly, Sindh also has an online portal called land administration and record management information system Sindh (LARIMS), which owns all the information of Sindh’s properties and lands. It also has some benefits like the time required to transfer a property from one person to another took very little time. Sindh Board of revenue is responsible for managing all the information and records of Pakistan’s property and land.

Wrapping Up:

If you are planning to buy a property, You can also take guidance from a specialist that is an expert in purchasing properties. New electronic portals of many government institutions are now working and helping people. The newly introduced digital system allows people how to check property ownership in Pakistan online. If you want to check, visit your province’s website, and there is no need to deal with patwaris anymore. You can quickly check the record online by sitting at home through the internet or mobile app.

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