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Best Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

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Are you looking forward to some most promising lead generation strategies for your startup? Well, this post is specifically for you. Read till last to know more!

Gone are the days when traditional marketing approaches worked for businesses to generate leads. In today’s competitive era, everyone calls for more innovative, competitive, result-oriented and digital marketing strategies that could be easily managed. Businesses look for some crucial lead generation strategies that fits their budget and ensures a global success for their target audience.

However, we all live in a digital world, and things here change frequently. Whether it be any market trends, or customer needs, we get to see new aspects every now and then, and lead generation strategies are not exceptional. So, today, to give you detailed insights on the latest trends of the market, here we have the most promising and advanced lead generation strategies that will prove beneficial for your startup in 2021.

Top 10 Lead Generation Strategies for Startups in 2021


1. Focus on Engaging Landing Pages (add keywords, CTAs, inner links)

The first and foremost beneficial lead generation strategy for your startup is to focus on your website and landing pages. Right from the use of keyword-rich content, to optimizing it’s speed, and adding relevant CTAs (call to action); there are many things that you should do in order to optimize your overall website and eventually your user-experience. Not to mention, your website will give the first impression of your services, and poorly promoting it in front of your prospects can put you to questions. So, be optimal, and try to deliver a simple yet engaging experience to your online visitors.

2. Leverage Outbound Marketing

Another most amazing and result-oriented lead generation strategy is outbound marketing. Sending blogs and images, promoting your website in different regions, sending personalized emails, and bringing traffic to your website; there are many such important tasks that could be achieved through a well-defined online outbound marketing strategy. So, make sure to invest in these outbound marketing tactics and promote your brand all across the globe.

3. Write Customer-Centric Blogs

One thing that will never change with digitization is blog marketing. Whether you are a startup, or a big enterprise, blog marketing is one such aspect that will surely bring positive results to your organic searches in a short time. If you focus on the pain points of your customers and write engaging articles on the solutions for their problems, then it is sure that you will get more visitors than ever.

But, while writing any sort of content, make sure to include customer-specific or industry-specific keywords, and always add more images and CTAs wherever necessary. Also, addition of inbound links will further help you rank your pages and blog simultaneously.

4. Bring SEO Experts to Help

Now that’s one of the major aspects out of all for bringing the most positive and quality leads to your business. SEO (search engine optimization) is the technique through which your website and landing pages are promoted on the search engines like Google, and Bing to your target audiences. Right from writing keyword oriented blogs, to making paid campaigns and ads for Google, and even tracking the KPIs, there are a lot of things that an SEO expert can do to multiply the benefits and opportunities for your online business.

Hence, make sure to consult an expert software engineering company that can offer you SEO services in addition to the development solutions. Also, make sure to firstly conduct an SEO audit to know the gaps of your strategies and then to start the optimizing work.

5. Get Active on Social Media

Social media, which was once used to chat and make friends has today become a leading platform for brand promotion and lead generation. In fact, all the leading companies or even startups create their social accounts in the first place before doing anything else. Due to such an extensive crowd and easy target, today, social media apps like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are fastly becoming the main source of lead generation.

Hence make sure to share videos, images, and other curated content on your social media accounts. Also, make sure that you follow the guidelines and trends of specific platforms, and only follow certain apps that best fits your marketing strategies.

6. Word-of-Mouth Advertising is Still into Play

Now this may sound a bit awkward, but it’s true even in today’s digital era. Word-of-mouth advertising still holds a prominent position in the top ten most promising lead generation strategies of 2021. Offering amazing referral rewards and bonuses to your customers, and providing new user discounts is used by many big and small businesses for luring new users and enticing the existing ones.

Therefore, to gain maximum profits, you should also invest in framing an optimal incentive-based referral system. For instance, you can offer 100 points to your new users, and 150 points to your referrals that brought those customers on your platform.

7. Podcasts can be of Great Help

Podcasts is a new and trendy term in today’s digital era, that grabbed the attention of quite some leading businesses in 2021. Often it is said that we catch more while watching and listening, than while reading, and podcasts proved it. Today, a leading number of brand enthusiasts and influencers are using these broadcast facilities to reach their target audiences and promote brands.

Hence, you can also use this opportunity to make new followers for your products/services, easily. You can even combine the podcasts with our referral strategy to make better outcomes in less time. Try it and we ensure that you will never regret it!

8. Track Your KPIs

Last but not least is to track your KPIs for an effective and sure-shot lead generation. You need to have an idea of what all strategies you have implemented, and should also fix a timeline for reviewing the results. Only implementing and not tracking will definitely not help in making the best decisions. Hence, you can either ask for expert help, or can monitor your performance via specific tools.

Key Takeaway!

So, these were some of the popular and most promising lead generation strategies for 2021. To conclude, we can say that every business has a unique problem, and to solve that, you would need a unique solution. Sometimes adjusting your goals could work, while other times you may need to invent an innovative approach for your specific business problems. But, whatever be the issue, we always have a solution for it in today’s digital world. So, try these lead generation strategies and let us know what strategy did you find the best!

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