How Can You Attract Social Media Users to Share your Video Content Online?

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People use different social media platforms for marketing their content in the form of videos, articles, and blogs. Video content is the most-watched and shared on social media.

The best way to engage and attract people to your social media video content is to create quality videos. If your videos are not creative and engaging enough, no one will share them on social media. Before starting a business, you should know how to use social media for advertising your content.

How Can You Attract Social Media Users to Share your Video Content Online

There are different ways to get people to share your content online. You can use relative hashtags or make funny videos that entertain your audience and provide information about your products or business.

Many people use different techniques like trendy hashtags so that when a person searches for a specific hashtag, your content will appear on the top. You can also take help from blogs, stories, and advertisements to reach hundreds of audiences for your video content.

Make good relations with your targeted customers and engage with them regularly. You can interact with them by asking their opinions through surveys and polls. Attract them by announcing giveaways and discounts on your services or products if you have a business on social media.

7 Ways to Attract Social Media Users to Share Your Video Content

You can attract more audiences and have more followers on your social media accounts by sharing your video content. To make them share your video content, you have to work on your content and profiles.

1. Make a Professional Profile

To share your video content, you need people who follow you daily, like watching your stories, commenting on your posts. Make a professional profile and upload exciting and informative stuff on your feed.

Upload a good DP, write bio and captions with catchy lines, and use icons and emojis to talk to your audience. If you also have a business profile, add a few lines about your business and a link to visit your business page easily.

2. Create Quality Content

If you want your audience to share your video content, you need a solid social media strategy. Social media content should be well researched and have quality so that people find your content engaging and engage with it. Identify specific goals for your business and create valuable posts according to those goals.

Choose the industry and audience you want to target with your content and choose a strategy. High-quality content will help your brand, business, and your social media accounts.

3. Interact With Your Audience

If you want people to share your video content, you have to interact with them daily. Posting content and having followers is not enough if you and your audience have zero interaction rate.

Brands that focus on social media engagement will show faster growth than others. Interact with your audience through different marketing strategies like surveys, Q/A, questionnaires, and polls. These strategies will increase brand awareness and attract a new customer base for your social media.

4. Use Different Color Combinations

We live in a colorful world, but color has a psychological effect on human brains. We associate different colors with different sensations because color has an emotional impact on us. If you want to stand out from your competition, use color to get your audience to see your brand.

Use the different color schemes to represent your brand on your social media platforms. Different color schemes will help your video content to be shared by your audience more.

5. Use Influencers for Marketing of Your Video Content

How can you attract social media users to share your video content online? The simple answer to this question is to use social media influencers for marketing your video content. First, make a strong business profile and get enough followers. Then contact different influencers and offer them to market your video.

This is the era of social media influencers, and people follow them and listen to their advice about brands. Make a strategy to attract an audience by using celebrities and influencers for your brand.

6. Come Up with Unique and Great Ideas

If you want people to share your video content, then come up with unique ideas for your videos. Try to make funny and engaging videos to attract people and share those videos on social media. If you give a message with your video or reveal your new product, leave some hints for the following video to create suspense.

People will not only share your videos but also wait for the next one. This will increase brand awareness and increase your audience. Using catchy lines and hashtags also help you to find more audience and engage them with your content.

7. Appreciate Your Audience and Take Their Suggestions

Always take time to appreciate your audience for their time and attention. Engage with them through comments and encourage them to feel valued, and keep on supporting and sharing your content.

Another way to improve your performance is to ask for feedback from your loyal audience. Value their suggestions and create high-quality video content on your social media handles.


Content plays an essential role in marketing your brand or business. We all live in a world where almost everyone has a social media presence. Social media allows us to interact with each other and also engage with people for multiple reasons.

The main question for content creators is How can you attract social media users to share your video content. There are many different ways to attract and engage with an audience to share your video content. You can make a professional profile, use influencers, create quality content, etc.

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