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The Best All-In-One Hybrid Event Meeting Platform

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  • Introduction
  • Benefits of hybrid events
  • How to choose the most suitable hybrid event meeting platform?


Hybrid events – which hold both live and digital components – are the latest norm. We are observing a standard variation in the way business events are being organized in the prevailing era and perhaps for the forthcoming years.

Benefits of hybrid events

1. More eco-friendly

The lesser in-person attendees you have at an event, the fewer energy resources are required, and eventually, less waste is generated. This implies hybrid events are typically more eco-friendly than conventional in-person events. The virtual features of the hybrid events also make them an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fewer carbon footprint.

2. Maximizes the global reach

Hybrid events empower you to interest your local target audience along with the in-person portion of your event, while also providing you a better range to bring more people from all over the globe. This signifies you have a broader audience reach, while still relishing the privileges and opportunities of an in-person event.

3. Cost-effective

Hosting half of the event online implies that you can save sufficient money on several expenses like attendee parking, food and snacks, and the price of your event venue. Based on your event, hybrid events let you reach more audiences without paying the same as you would usually for a complete physical event.

How to choose the most suitable hybrid event meeting platform?

It’s been more than a year since virtual events have come into the picture, the event market has now become overfilled with multiple virtual event platforms, which are trying to stay as relevant as in-person events. The hurdle for event organizers now is to decide which platforms are best accommodated for their hybrid event, and which would probably make the event planning method more stressful.

Moreover, an event platform that shines in hybrid formats is required for covering both sides of a hybrid event without any flaw. Managing the physical and online elements of a hybrid event simultaneously without a platform that provides you a control center will surely lead to challenges. Therefore, hosting a hybrid event manually needs more time and energy than hosting the same by utilizing an all-in-one event platform.

The most competent hybrid platforms have a combination of reputability, functionality, and great customer service. Maybe we’re slightly biased, but Dreamcast is the key to your research regarding hybrid event platforms.

Let’s review 5 major aspects to keep in mind while looking for the best suitable virtual event platform:

1. In-person event experience

At this time, event organizers understand that virtual and in-person events are entirely different components. Sometimes virtual events may take just a few weeks to outline, in-person experiences demand much more planning time, budgetary study and on-site arrangement.

Search for a platform that’s sharpened both their on-site and virtual event tools. When hunting for the best hybrid event management platform, pick the one that’s been practicing both in-person and online events for sometime now. This will assure that they have their hands on for both the in-person and online elements of your event. Industry heads such as Dreamcast, Cvent and Aventri are being extremely appreciated for hosting both on-site and virtual events.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

2. Integrated Control System

A platform that includes some, but not all the major requirements of your event will bring more challenges and hurdles while hosting the event. Therefore, search for a platform that smoothly incorporates both facets of your hybrid event. There should be a proper flow of information regarding your event; your hybrid platform shouldn’t draft two different events, but combine the in-person and online experiences seamlessly. Does your platform allow you to get leads through this hybrid event? Does it enable you to do adjustments across your mobile app conveniently?

3. Attendee Engagement for both on-site and virtual events

Regarding attendee experience at hybrid events, it cannot be the same for everyone. Few platforms will use the same app or event techniques for both in-person and online guests but choose a hybrid event platform that entertains your in-person and online attendees as discrete participants. Having a preferred portal for the online audience and a separate mobile app for your on-site attendees enables you to enhance the innovations of the hybrid event setup. You can combine both elements under your control while still providing attendees a customized experience, based on their engagement in the event.

4. Flexible pricing

When you think about pricing, seek a platform that indulges both assemblies of event attendees similarly. A platform whose budgetary model considers participants at home and participants on-site as an element of the same hybrid attendees keeps nominal pricing. Another pricing pattern to search for is a pay-as-you-go choice that enables you to assess your event requirements and include features as the necessity arises.

5. Adopting advancements

During 2020, the event industry has learned various things- most significantly the ability to adapt to whatever’s thrown at us. It’s obvious from the growth of virtual and app-based events that change is the key, but what went well for a fully virtual event may not be right for an in-person event, and vice versa. With hybrid events being the latest buzz, a platform that’s continually working to advance its hybrid management solution is a smart investment.

Look for a platform that does regular updates to their event management solution. We’re all discovering what innovations work best and are most familiar with audiences while experimenting with hybrid event plans, so a platform that performs periodic updates, adapts new features, is sure to future-proof their platform.


We understand that determining the right hybrid event platform is a little challenging task. But, you need to find the ideal match you can nurture a long-term relationship for all your forthcoming hybrid events; look for a skilled company with a manageable, all-in-one solution that’s eager to adapt to the latest innovations. With several new event formats to look for, the best hybrid management platform such as Dreamcast allows you to discover what works extremely well for your hybrid events keeping in mind your business needs.

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