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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Why Every Homeowner Should Opt for it?

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Undoubtedly, a high-functioning air conditioner helps homeowners to keep the room temperature comfortable. Additionally, this home appliance ensures to keep individuals protected from harmful pathogens. Even improving indoor air quality and AC efficiently reduces the chance of having chronic health diseases.

Moreover, to beat the unbearable summer heat, installing an AC in the residential and commercial sectors becomes essential. But, due to inadequate maintenance and cleaning, the AC can degrade in its performance.

Though, nowadays, most of the advanced AC comes with energy-saving features. But, when the cooling device won’t be serviced properly, it can consume a considerable amount of energy. And, as a result, the homeowners will end up spending more money on monthly utility bills. For this reason, you should emphasize keeping the air conditioner in pristine and top-notch condition.

Due to dust accumulation, it becomes difficult for this appliance to perform the cooling functions. But, a well-maintained AC won’t cause any problem and even help you save costly repair expenses. So, if you haven’t opted for an AC service for more than a year, it’s high time to contact professionals. Here, we are mentioning a list of benefits you can get with a scheduled AC maintenance service:

1.   Extend the Device’s Estimated Life Expectancy

Nowadays, renowned AC manufacturers offer sustainable devices that can last up to 15-20 years. But, with proper maintenance, you can extend the AC’s longevity to 25-30 years. When the air conditioner isn’t serviced properly, you might have to invest in another one within a year or two.

So, avoid the hassle of contacting an AC repair Dubai expert by maintaining the device on time. An experienced AC service expert thoroughly inspects the device and looks for the damage-prone areas. After diagnosing the problem, these skilled professionals will replace the faulty AC units if required. By doing this, they ensure the AC units won’t cause any further problems in the long run.

2.   Minimises the Unwanted Breakdown

Imagine a situation where you turn on the AC on a hot-humid day and find out it is not working. That might be a dreadful experience, especially when you don’t know how to fix it immediately. In certain instances, you have to consider hiring AC repair experts to bring back the functionality of the device. You can avoid this sort of unwanted downtime with an early AC maintenance service.

For an individual, it’s hard to determine which AC components are causing the water leakage issues. Even, you might get an unusual sound from the AC, do you know the reason behind such an occurrence? No! But, an AC servicing expert can easily figure out which components are causing the problem.

Moreover, during the tune-up, the experts look for leaks within the AC units, like air filters or condensers. And, if they find these components problematic, they opt for an immediate repair/replacement. In this way, with timely AC maintenance, you can reduce unwanted vulnerabilities with ease.

3.   Improves the Hygiene Level

Usually, every homeowner should opt for replacing the AC’s air filters after every 3 months. Or else, a contaminated air filter can cause severe air-borne diseases, including respiratory issues. Moreover, certain signs indicate the air filter needs immediate replacement.

Are you aware of any of those issues? No! Well, overheating issues, high energy consumption, and insufficient cool air are the major signs of a dirty air filter. And, you can keep aside these AC-related problems with a proper AC maintenance service. Replacing the air filters can help you conserve 4%-14% of energy efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Look for a reputable AC technician and replace/clean the air filters now!

Consequences of Inadequate Air Conditioner Maintenance

Most homeowners tend to neglect to service their air conditioning units on time. As a result, the AC owners come across several unpreventable damages. Not only during the summer days, but you also need to opt for AC servicing in winter as well.

It will help you to improve the performance efficiency of the air conditioning systems. Remove the stress burden of replacing the AC parts with yearly AC maintenance. And, if you fail to do so, the following AC-related issues might take place over time:

Dust can Accumulate

Due to the extreme dust and heat exposure, both the indoor and outdoor AC units can become defective. Moreover, an unclean AC can be the breeding ground for harmful bacteria and even pests. For this reason, every homeowner should provide prior attention in cleaning the AC units regularly.

Even the dust-dirt-grime buildup creates obstruction, and for this, the AC units work more to reduce room temperature. So, if you are noticing that the AC is taking a lot of time to generate cool air, contact a professional. With their assistance, you can remove the dust build-up from the AC units. Moreover, these experts have the right tools that can effectively remove the dust or dirt particles from the AC.

Improper Lubrication Damages the Units

Do you know that there are specific AC units that need constant lubrication? Yes! An air conditioner’s parts like fans or electrical coils need to be lubricated frequently to get proper cooling. Or else, these AC components might stop responding suddenly. An AC maintenance expert lubricates the fans, condenser coils and other parts after the inspection. It will help to reduce the energy consumption of these AC units as well. So, take immediate action to save time and money.

What Sort of AC Problems Can You Experience for not Maintaining the AC?

Many AC owners aren’t aware of the problems they might face in the long run and for not servicing the device. And, you can’t resolve such critical issues by following the D-I-Y troubleshooting methods. Even the homeowners might need to change most units for not taking proper care of the air conditioner.

You can experience AC problems like broken fan blades, damaged condenser coils, faulty capacitors, even the compressor can become dysfunctional. Additionally, the individuals have come across frequent electrical breakdowns due to improper maintenance.

What Kind of AC Maintenance Works the Professionals Usually Perform?

A certified technician starts by checking the AC’s thermostat connection. Then, the expert usually inspects the electrical wiring. Alongside, the professionals check and even make the drain lines contamination-free. That’s not all! During the tune-up, an expert checks whether the cooling cycles are starting and turning off on time. For enhancing the safety level, they will even check the blower motor, refrigerant, compressor and other major units. So, reach out to a leading AC service provider and retain the functionality of the device.

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