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8 best Instant Geyser Brands in Pakistan Which You can Trust

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8 best Instant Geyser Brands in Pakistan Which You can Trust

Winter is here, and people need warm water for their use. Do you want to buy an instant geyser and looking for some good recommendations? Then this article will guide you about different types of Geysers such as Electric Water Geyser, Instant water Gas Geysers.

Geysers play an important role in winters. We need Geysers for warm water because it is impossible in winters to use cold water. A geyser is a device that is used to heat the water in winters. Different geysers use different methods to heat the water.

8 best Instant Geyser Brands in Pakistan

There are many types of geysers like electric instant geysers and instant water gas geysers etc. They all have different functioning and structure. You can buy according to your requirement. Here is the list of the top 8 instant geysers in Pakistan.

Instant geysers are very different from normal geysers because these geysers warm up the water within a few seconds while normal geyser takes time. Instant geysers are way more reliable and secure than normal ones.

1. Nasgas Instant Geysers

Nasgas instant geyser is very reliable and available in markets easily. It comes with the capacity of seven filters, and gas has only one supply. This brand will give you a warranty of up to a year. These type of geysers has a 99.9% rust free body that made this geyser more reliable. Nasgas geysers also have a feature of auto water controlling.

2. Super Asia Instant Geysers

Super Asia instant geyser is a very old and famous geyser company. This geyser comes with eight filters. This geyser saves almost 30% of energy and time as compared to normal geysers. In this geyser, a led display is used, and it also has a temperature setting memory function.

3. Canon Electric Instant Geysers

Canon is a company that has a variety of geysers, both gas, and electric. Their models are new and reliable. Some models have a capacity of 10 liters. Canon instant geyser is available on their website at quite an affordable price. These geysers have a function of turning on and off automatically. It consumes significantly less electricity, which is very efficient. Canon geysers take 15 minutes to warm the water. The unique feature of these geysers is that they are small in size. People prefer to buy them because of their quality.

4. Boss Instant Electric Geysers

Boss company is famous for making many things, especially furniture. But they also have a good quality of geysers. The instant geysers have a capacity of 25 liters. The inner tank of this geyser is coated with steel. It also has the feature of an ignition system, and that is automatic. It takes almost 230 watts, and the weight of the geyser is about 8kgs. They are available at reasonable prices in Pakistan.

5. HANCO Instant Gas Heaters

HANCO is a very famous international company of geysers. Their geysers are unique and made up of tempered glass. They have a capacity of 6 liters and have a copper exchanger. HANCO  geysers have a meter on which it shows temperature. This geyser will save 75% of gas and comes with a tankless water capacity. HANCO Instant Gas Heater is very efficient and reliable.

6. SEGO Instant Water Geysers

Sego company also has different and unique types of geysers. These type of geysers is manufactured in Japan and imported. It takes almost 6 seconds to warm up the water. It takes a voltage of 220V. It has an inbuilt timer with a battery. It has a thermostatic that heats the water quickly. All these unique features made Sego instant geyser durable.

7. Sogo Tulip Geysers

Sogo Tulip geyser is a very small size instant geyser. It has a capacity of 6 liters and heats water instantly. It has a high-quality micro switch for turning it on. The main feature is that it has dual water outlet sensors. It has three circuit pipes and a hose of about 9.5 mm for the gas connection. Their price is reasonable, and you can find this geyser online easily.

8. Boss Electric Fast Geysers

Boss company has a wide range of water geysers. These type of geysers comes with a rustproof body and protection device. This keeps the tank clean and safe from corrosion. It comes with a cable that is retardant with three-pin plugs. The price of this geyser is relatively high. You can buy this geyser online and in retail stores as well.

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