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6 Best Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan for Students

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Online typing jobs in Pakistan are an easy and comfortable way to earn from home. It is essential in today’s world that everybody is financially independent. If you have spare time on your hand, then look for online typing jobs for students on the internet.

There are thousands of online typing jobs with flexible hours and good money. Online typing jobs don’t require any technical experience. You have basic knowledge of office, Excel, PowerPoint, google sheets, etc.

6 Best Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan for Students

Here is the list of the six best online typing jobs in Pakistan with maximum scope.

1.Micro jobs

This is the simplest online typing job in which you receive many tasks. You don’t require any technical knowledge in completing this job. You will receive a PDF file in micro jobs, and you have to type the document into a Word file.

You can find these types of jobs on Rozee. Pk, You can also make an account on different freelancing websites and get orders from there. Every day there are thousands of such online typing jobs posted by people. Once you set an account, you can search for these jobs, apply, and get hired.

2.Online Surveys

Another way to get an online typing job is to do surveys for various clients. Online surveys will help organizations and businesses get feedback on their products and services to make changes in their customers’ services.

These organizations take the help of survey companies that provide honest reviews and give genuine feedback. You can apply to be a part of a surveys company and get hired. You will be paid per survey in a day. These kinds of online typing jobs are easy as you don’t require experience and technical knowledge.

3.Captcha Entry Jobs

You can work as a captcha entry operator and earn 2$-3$ per hour according to your workload. These online typing jobs are comfortable, and your tasks are simple. You can take this job part-time and make money by sitting at home.

You have to solve captcha images which usually have few letters and words. There are many captcha entry websites where you can sign up and type captchas. If you spend only 2-3 hours daily on this online typing job, you can easily make 200$ per month.

4.Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs are among the easiest online typing jobs. If you have a good command of the English language, like you don’t misspell words and do proper punctuation, online transcription is for you.

You can get transcription jobs and do your work after school hours. You can earn a handsome amount from these jobs. If you have researching and proof-reading skills, then this job will be easier for you. You have to make sure that you have a pc and high-speed internet for this online typing job.

5.Writing Jobs

Writing is another form of online typing jobs. Writing jobs are somewhat technical than other typing jobs. For writing, you need writing skills and good grammar. For example, if you go for blog writing, you should know how to write and post a blog on any website.

Writing a career takes time to flourish and gain permanent clients. But once it’s set up, you can easily earn 200-300$ per month. If you love to write in journals and magazines, you can take writing jobs online. The best way to get these jobs is to make an account on Fiverr, Upwork, or other online earning sites.

6.Forum Posting

Forum posting is another online typing job. It doesn’t require any additional skills, and if you can write engaging content, you can post on these forums. Forums pay you when you post an article or blog. Your writing should be engaging and able to generate a lot of traffic.

As a student, you can start posting on different forums in your free time. If this job suits you well and you enjoy writing, you can make it your career.

Wrapping Up:

In today’s world, everybody needs to have jobs or businesses and be financially independent. If you are a student and looking for some income, you can take online typing jobs in pakistan and earn money by sitting at home. These online typing jobs don’t require any technical skill or any experience. You can apply to such jobs, get hired, and start working today.

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