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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Sandal Sharbat

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Sandal sharbat is made from sandal that belongs to the class of woods from the genus Santalum. These types of wood are fine-grained. Sandalwood is popular for its fragrance. Its oil is extracted from the woods and of many uses. These types of trees are mostly present in South Asia, Australia, and Indonesia.

Sandalwood is not only popular for its aroma but also for its healing properties. It’s been used for ages as a medicine. In some areas, it is also used to ward off evil spirits from their homes. People also drink their Sharbat because of its healing properties.

Sandalwood treats many skin problems like dark spots, acne, and pimples. Nowadays these skin diseases are common due to various reasons. You can treat these problems by medication, but these methods are costly and have side effects. If you are looking for some natural ingredient to solve your skin problems, then sandalwood is the one. Sandalwood is available in brown color looking powder in markets. Its oil is also available in the market and is mostly used as an antiseptic. Sandalwood is natural and effective and used widely in homes.

Now is the summer season you can treat yourself with Sandal Sharbat. Sandal sharbat is popular. People consider it as a healthy drink in Asia. Sandal Sharbat is easy to make. You can get sandal easily from the market and make yourself sharbat.

Sandal Sharbat Ingredients:

  • Sandalwood
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Rosewater
  • Citric acid

Here are 6 amazing health benefits of drinking Sandal Sharbat :

1. Sandal Sharbat has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Sandal sharbat has anti-inflammatory properties. People use this sharbat mostly in summers. It helps to treat sunburn and acne. If you live in the region where the weather remains hot most of the year you can use Sandal Sharbat to avoid any kind of burning sensation.

2. Sandal Sharbat keeps you Hydrated through Summers

In summers there is a chance of dehydration. Sometimes people are so busy with their routines that they forget to take the proper amount of water in summers which result in dehydration. Sandal Sharbat not only hydrates you but also heals your skin that becomes rough due to dehydration. Treat yourself with this natural drink in summers.

3. Sandal Sharbat helps in Removing Tan

It is important in summers to prevent yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. These rays can cause damage to our skin. Sandal Sharbat helps to remove the tan and reduce the redness due to sunburn. The sandal has cooling properties and heals skin damage from harmful sun rays.

4. Sandal Sharbat has Antiseptic Properties

The Sandal is famous for its antiseptic properties. Sandal prevents bacterial growth on your skin. The amazing benefit of Sandal Sharbat is it helps to prevent acne and pimples on your body. Sandal Sharbat consumes daily in summer will help you to heal many skin problems. You can also make a paste of sandalwood with water or milk and apply it on your face.

5. Sandal Sharbat as an Astringent

The Sandal is used to heal skin proteins. Using Sandal Sharbat helps you to protect from any kind of allergies and other skin disorders. In summer due to heat and dust, many of us develop allergies and skin diseases. But if you use Sandal Sharbat regularly it helps to treat these ailments. Many skin toners in markets have Sandalwood as the primary ingredient. Expert says Sandal is the natural healer to all your skin problems.

6. Sandal Sharbat Relaxes your Urinary System

Sandalwood is also known for its relaxing properties. It soothes your urinary system. Using Sandal Sharbat will induce relaxation and helps in easy passage of urine. It flushes out all the toxins from your body. Sandal helps in the treatment of any inflammation in the urinary system.

Wrapping up

Sandalwood has amazing health benefits and uses. Sandal Sharbat is popular among Asian regions during summer. Sandal sharbat has many healing properties. It helps you to prevent many skin disorders including acne and pimples. In many regions, it is famous for its antiseptic properties. You can enjoy this refreshing drink during summer to keep yourself hydrated and prevent many skin problems.

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