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5 best work productivity apps to organize your work

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Do you ever feel like your work life is beyond your control?

No matter how much effort you put in, you feel drained, unaccomplished, and failing with time.

If yes, you’re not alone in this boat.

The National Health Interview Survey data reveals that more than one in twenty Americans feel worthless and upset about their current state in life. A therapy or meditation might help you recreate a positive self-image.

However, if you feel that a few tweaks here and there in your lifestyle might help, go for it. Technology can be your companion during this mission. Plunge into the digital marketplace, and the number of life-changing apps will leave you in awe.

Considering how enhancing productivity in your life might get things better at work, we have listed the top productivity-boosting apps available in stores.

Scan and try out the ones that seem to be a perfect match!

1. Todoist (Android, iOS)

Todoist by Doist is a great task management app to use. It allows you to organize tasks, assign deadlines and reminders to keep you in the loop. You can easily track your progress and collaborate with others on the same project.

It is a powerful and straightforward application ranked best by Google, Apple, Forbes, and The Verge. Since 2017, over 25 million people have used this app. Altogether, they have completed more than two million tasks with its aid.

You can access this app for both cloud and on-premise deployment. The product features task management tools allow you to create tasks and assign them to team members.

Its document management functionality enables the user to upload and share documents via Dropbox or Google Docs. Another striking feature of this app is the prioritization of tasks. It has location-based reminders and options to sort tasks according to their urgency.

2. Evernote (Android, iOS)

Evernote has long been one of the best note-taking apps. It is developed by Evernote Corporation, based in California.

The app allows you to capture notes with text and images, audio, digital sketches, and PDF. The fact that you can effortlessly search your previous notes makes it an all-time favorite for many users. It stores the notes in notebooks with tags. You can also edit, export, annotate, and search the notes.

The company has received a fair share of criticism for increasing rates and not addressing its issues. Nonetheless, in terms of functionality, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a note-taking app as versatile as Evernote. So if you need the best, most capable note-taking app and you can afford to pay for Evernote Business or Premium, it may be a worthy investment.

The chances of coming across bugs are bleak when installing an app from a reputable company like Evernote Corporation. Their algorithm is similar to the one running in airG spam-free apps. Hence, don’t fret about malicious entities harming your system when using Evernote.

3. Forest (Android, iOS)

Seekrtech, a development company formed by Shaokan Pi and Amy Jeng, is behind this app, “Forest.” It is the right tool for all users who have concentration problems due to cell phone usage.

The app surfaced onto the market in May 2014. It acts like a Pomodoro technique where you set a timer and plant a tree. During this span, you focus on your work or your social circle.

If you stick to your task, your tree grows. But if you exit the app to scroll through any other app to take breaks, your tree dies. Over time, you can grow entire forests!

If you think about the psychology behind the phrase, “the tree will be killed if you leave this app,” you will notice incredible impacts. Any user who logs into this app and reads the phrase will work at their optimal capacity to avoid their tree’s death. Just a few powerful words can inspire people to remain loyal.

4. Be Focused (iOS)

Staying on tasks is a real challenge for a screen-addicted generation. The Be Focused app works on the idea of making users perform in chunks of time.

If you are someone who prefers working with intermittent breaks, this is the app for you. It deploys the Pomodoro Technique, which involves breaking your day into 25-minute focus sessions. For some people, the idea might sound absurd, but studies prove that it is an effective way to retain focus and motivation.

With this app, users can manage their tasks to set break durations and work interval durations. You can customize the intervals according to your preferences. An in-built tracker allows you to monitor your progress through the day, week, or an entire month.

5. Trello (Android, iOS)

Trello is an easy-to-use, practical, and fun project management tool. Originally created by Fog Creek Software in 2011, it formed its company in 2014 and was sold to Atlassian.

This app brings you tools to define projects and their requirements. It has a digital dashboard where you can create, organize, and prioritize tasks. A feature that stands out in this app is the card system. These cards have a lot of detail on them. You can add the name of task, assignee, due date, subtasks, descriptions, labels, attachments, and hyperlinks.

If needed, you can use Trello for personal kanban if you are looking to organize your workflows privately. This app easily integrates with other applications like Slack and Gmail. It gives you an option to choose from a three-tiered payment plan – Free, Business Class, Enterprise. You can opt for the one that sounds most viable.

Concluding Comments

Successfully managing the many aspects of our life can be tricky. Fortunately, we have some mind-blowing tech tools to ease the misery and make our lives smoother. If you are not taking advantage of some of the hundreds of productivity apps, you will definitely miss the trick.

With our list in sight, we hope you have a better perspective on things. Let us know which apps you plan to install right away!

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