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21 Best Free Movie Download Websites

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21 Best Free Movie Download Websites

If you love to watch movies, then there are many movie download websites from which you can get any movie you want. Due to the pandemic, everybody is at home and have free time on their hands. It is time to watch your favorite movies at home.

Due to internet availability everywhere, the trend of streaming movies and serials online has become popular. Movies are a great source of entertainment and fun. There are plenty of safe sites from which you can download movies and watch them anywhere and anytime. These free online websites allow you to watch and stream movies at any time. All you need is a device with a stable internet connection. Watch any TV SHOW, anime, and the latest movies without paying any subscription fees.

21 Best Movie Download Websites

Here are the 21 best movie download websites that will help you find and download any movie you want.

1. Archive.Org is among the best movie download websites containing millions of collections of movies and books, and music. This is a digital library that offers billions of archived web pages that contain movies and music. This website is free, and you can download your favorite movie anytime you want. This source is useful for students to find books that can help them in their studies.

2. Antmovies. Tv

Antmovies.Tv is also another website from which you can download your favorite movie in no time. It is a new website that will allow you to stream movies and tv shows. You can watch any old or latest movie on it. All you need is a device with a stable internet connection and a movie night for you.

3. YouTube­­­­

YouTube is one of the best places to watch and download any movie. It is a very famous and most visited website in the world. YouTube is upgrading from time to time with new features that will make you watch and download movies. The website is supporting more rich content that has no ads. There are movies from every country on their website. Many recent movies are also found there. This website is best to stream a movie for free.

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best and popular movies watching site. This website has gained popularity recently. This platform offers you a one-month free trial period to watch any movie you want. After one month, they charge according to the subscription plans you buy. Netflix allows you to stream online and have a huge collection of old and latest movies. It also has its collection of Netflix originals, which include tv shows and movies.

5. YIFY Movies

YIFY movies are among the top movie download websites and very popular. The feature that made this website popular is its HD quality in a small size file. Many people download movies by using this website. It has a wide range of quality content, like movies and tv shows. You can download your favorite movie in no time from this website.

6. is also a website to download movies and tv shows for free. It is an Indian platform that gives you access to hundreds of movies.  You can easily stream movies online and watch them on your mobile app of the hot star. This website is popular for movie downloading.

7. is among the movie download websites that you can use to watch any movie you want. This website allows you to stream movies from various streaming websites. You can use this to download things from YouTube, Vimeo, and hot star, etc. You have to paste the URL of that movie from these websites, and can download your movie.

8. is a very common website used by people to download movies. It is a safe website with various categories of movies. These categories are based on IMDB ratings. This website has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to download movies or stream movies online for free.

9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is one of the best platforms to download movies. You can also stream them online on amazon. It offers a wide range of tv shows, movies, comedy shows, and its original web series on subscription. This company is now having a global reach and has its offices in different parts of the world. In some countries, it works on a video membership basis only. This also offers many other options for buying and renting a movie.

10. Retrovision

Retrovision is another popular movie downloading website. This site has a wide collection of classic and new movies. It is among the most used movie download websites. This website also has a mobile app with the name UHF. Searching for a movie on this platform is an easy task. The genres this website include are adventure, comedy, cartoons, anime, and crime.

11. MydownloadTube

MydownloadTube is a safe and legal site to download movies for free. This website contains links to other sites. This website has a link to websites like 123movies, go movies, etc. It doesn’t have any movies of its own. This is the reason why this website is not responsible for any copyright and legal matter.

12. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is one of the best websites among movie download websites. It is a multipurpose website providing you a variety of content. This movie has the best tv shows of all time. You can easily watch and download any movie from there. Besides movies, it also has a lot of other content like sports. It also offers live tv channels like BBC etc. It is a free movie website; it only requires a premium for special drama channels and MP4 movies.

13. Pluto Tv

If we are talking about free movie download websites, Pluto Tv is very popular among people who download their favorite shows and movies. This website has a traditional TV layout. This provides more than 80 channels, which is based on specific categories. These categories are movies, tech, sports, etc. This website also has an app that has its movie channel.

14. NoBudge

NoBudge is a website designed by an Indian filmmaker. This website includes many movies and feature films. There is a wide range of movies on this site that you can stream online. This site has a user-friendly interface that allows you to use and find any movies on it easily.

15. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline is a popular website that has many films, Tv shows, and comedy movies. This site is the host of free movies ranging from classic to short films. This platform has a collection of old and latest movies. You can use this website to watch a movie of your own choice. This is not among the famous movie download websites, but it is popular among certain groups.

16. Vimeo

Vimeo is a popular website, and it also resembles YouTube. It has a wide range of movies and tv shows. This website has a simple and easy interface, which makes it easy to use. There are many informative shows and documentaries on it. You can easily watch your favorite movie on this website.

17. Crackle

Crackle is also among the best websites to download free movies. Sony controls this website, and there are a lot of movies on it for you to enjoy. You have to sign up on this website and watch your movies. You will find a lot of famous movies and tv shows on this website for free.

18. Watch TCM

Watch TCM is among the best movie download websites. This website will give you free access to many movie sites. This website allows you to have the best collection of movies to watch. You can download and stream online any movie you want. This website also has apps for android and Apple tv.

19. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is another website that you can add to the list of best movie download websites. Amazon owns the IMDb, and this site is free to all the subscription holders. It has a wide range of collection of tv series and movies. You can watch any movie on this website. This website is interesting, and you will enjoy watching famous tv shows and movies on it.

20. Movie Night

Movie night is a content-rich website that has a user-friendly interface. You can download and watch new movies for free. The whole content is categorized in a genre that will make this platform easy to use. You can easily search a movie by its name, characters, or year.

21. PirateBay

PirateBay allows you to find any movie, tv series, games, and documentaries. This platform provides users to upload and download content anytime they want. This factor made this site unsafe because sometimes there is a chance that you will download a copyrighted movie. In many countries, this website is used and top-rated in movie download websites.

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