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10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Pakistan that Pay You Well

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Fed up with the 9-5 job schedule of yours and want to do something by sitting at home. Look for work from home jobs in pakistan on the internet and start making money immediately. The availability of the internet across the globe opens many new opportunities for people. People are shifting their businesses online. Almost every task of daily life can be performed by sitting at home. New job opportunities are available on the internet. COVID-19 also provides an excellent opportunity to start your business online or take a part-time online job.

Many online job portals like, bayrozgar, and talent hunters are indeed providing jobs in different departments. Many initiatives are taken by the government in 2020 to provide maximum job opportunities to individuals. Besides this, if you have a skill on your hand, you can earn money through different online earning websites in Pakistan.

Here is the list of 10 best work from home jobs in Pakistan:

1. Blogging

If you have skills in writing, you can start your blog today. A blog is like a diary in which you share anything with the readers online. A person who keeps a blog is called a blogger. You can earn money through blogging. All you have to do is to post regularly engaging content for your audience. You can also sell this service and keep a blog for some other person and earn money.

You can keep a blog on any of your favorite topics. It might be about makeup, cars, your brand, etc. Many businesses have started their products blog to make customers more attracted to their brand. There are many free blogging portals on which you can sign in today and create your blog. and are the best platforms for keeping a blog.

2. Social Media Marketing

Today we are living in the era of the internet and social media. Almost every person has a cell phone and uses social media. Everyone knows about social media basics, like how to create and manage different social media accounts. The best online job from home is to become a social media marketing person.

It would help if you had your cell phone or laptop and basic knowledge about social media. A social media person is running campaigns for their client business, promoting the content, and studying page analytics.  A beginner can expect around 10k-20k per month.

You can also start your online business and promote it through social media marketing. The demand for marketing is increasing day by day due to the use of the internet.

3. Graphic Designing

In the digital world, the demand for graphic designers has been increased. Graphic design is one of the most paid and demanding jobs in 2020. Now every business is shifting online, so their logos, covers, and thumbnails need a professional designer.

Graphic design is an easy skill, and with hard work, you can master it in no time if you love to design. You can start with smaller projects on a freelance basis. Use your skills on social media to build a portfolio. Then get the job and complete work by sitting at home. The average salary of a graphic designer starts from 20k to 30k per month.

4. Content Writing

Content writing is another best work from home in 2020. If you have strong grammar and skills for writing, you can start content writing today. First, practice writing skills and make a portfolio for your work. There are different online earning websites on which you can sell your services.

An online business needs a writer to write relevant and engaging content to entertain their customers. You can do content writing works, for example, product reviews, e-books, business plans, blogs, etc.

5. Data Entry

Data entry is the job in which you have to put data into a computer system or some secure files. Data entry jobs are quite popular in 2020. Companies hire online data entry operators to do their work.

This job requires no skill, just a basic knowledge of computers and the internet. You can quickly get a job in data entry by applying on any online job portal and sell your services online. Charge by per hour or per project and earn money by sitting at home.

6. Web Development

Web development is another popular and demanding job in Pakistan. Businesses and companies need websites for their users. A web developer’s work is to make a professional website for a particular business to inform, engage, and entertain their customers.

This job is a bit technical and requires knowledge of web making. If you are a software or computer engineer, you can use your expertise and build websites for different brands by sitting at home. You can charge per project and earned a decent amount from home. Your earning range is from 20k to 60k, depending upon your skills and knowledge.

7. Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is relatively new in Pakistan, but people tend towards it due to its job demands. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting products of other brands and companies. There are a lot of websites where people post video related content and earn money through affiliate marketing.

You can work for a company and earn money. Choose a niche and then do your work. Join affiliate programs on different sites. Join Amazon affiliate programs, and you can easily earn a 10% commission on any Amazon seller. The average salary depends upon the sale you make on products.

8. Online Tutoring

The best work from home in Pakistan is online tutoring. Due to corona, educational institutes are closed, and students have to work from home as well. In this way, they can’t hire a tutor physically, but online tutors can be hired. Many people are hiring online teachers for their children.

If you have command on a subject, you can teach that subject to students online. Apply on different job portals for online tutoring, and due to the high demand for this job, you can now quickly get hired. You can teach them, make study plans for them, and conducts online tests for your students. This is the best opportunity to work from home and make a side income.

9. Mobile App development

Mobile app development is important for any product or service. If you are familiar with the process of designing and developing mobile apps, then this will be the perfect online job for you.

The demand for mobile app developers is increasing every day. This is among the highest paying jobs in 2020. If you have that skill on your hand, you can start this work now from home. The salary depends upon the projects. You can also upload the app to the google app store and earn money through that. For starters, you can make  10k to 20k per month.

10. YouTube

Among other platforms, YouTube is the most popular platform for content creators. You can make your channel on YouTube if you have an excellent idea to engage the audience there. Gain followers and views and get your channel to monetize. YouTube is the best platform to earn money from home.

You can also sell your services on earning online sites. You can make videos for others, do SEO, and optimize their channel and get paid. All you have to do is to learn about the basics of YouTube. YouTube has more than 2 billion users and provides an excellent opportunity to connect with the world and make money.

Wrapping Up:

Living in Pakistan, you can’t rely on the economy. Due to the poor economy, there is more unemployment than ever. COVID-19 also has a negative effect on the Pakistan economy. Often 9-5 jobs don’t pay you well. If you are looking for some side opportunities to earn money, then there might be some jobs you can do by sitting at home.

Online jobs are becoming popular now due to advancements in technology. There is no need to get up and look for jobs outside. The coronavirus pandemic also made it possible to maintain social distancing and continue your work. Apply on different job portals for online jobs like Start with a simple portal like Facebook, join groups that post your desired positions, and apply them. Complete some projects for clients and build a portfolio. Choose a job according to your interest and skill. Some jobs don’t need any experience like data entry jobs and pay well.

The reach of the internet increases the scope of learning and earning. Focus on one skill, get trained in it, and start your work today. You can start freelancing today and become financially independent.


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  1. Hi, I quite like the number #7. Why?

    I’ve been trying and learning everything about it for years and I can say that it’s a good business model if done correctly. And it has the capacity to earn you a lot of money in some seasons of the year.

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