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10 best Entry level IT Jobs You Can Start in 2021

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10 best Entry level IT Jobs you can Start in 2021


Entry level IT jobs are the most demanding jobs of 2021. Many job seekers and graduate individuals are trying to land entry level IT jobs in 2021. Due to advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, and the IT sector, students graduate in this field.

Students prefer to study IT subjects due to their demand in the whole world. After intermediate, you can take admission in BS IT, software engineering, computer science, telecommunication engineering, etc. All these fields are related to IT and help you get a good job in the future.

There are many types of jobs in different organizations and multinational companies in Pakistan related to IT. You can easily land entry level; IT jobs both online and office-based. The scope of software engineering is increasing in Pakistan, and more students are preferring IT fields.

10 Best Entry Level IT Jobs in 2021

You can select any of the below entry level IT jobs.

1. Computer Operator

Everybody knows how to use a computer and perform basic tasks. The most important and basic IT  job is computer operator job.  These jobs come with duties like a writing schedule, maintaining files on PC, keep records on excel sheets, etc. You can find these jobs online on different online job portals.

  • Requirements: For these entry level IT jobs, you need no technical experience or knowledge. You have to know how to use the computer, Ms word, and excel. Basic computer knowledge is enough for a computer operator job.
  • Salary:  The starting salary is between 20k to 25k, depending upon job hours.

2. Data Analyst

Data analysts collect all the data and information to find insight on specific topics. Their job is to collect data through surveys, metrics, analysis, and other methods. After collecting data, they present the information in the form of charts, etc.

  • Requirements:  These types of jobs need knowledge of databases, programming languages, and data mining. Data analyst is among the entry level IT jobs that don’t require in-depth knowledge of languages.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 30k to 35k, depending upon working hours and workload.

3. Web Developer

Another entry level IT job is as a web developer. Web developers usually work as assistant developers to experienced developers. You can find an entry level web developer job or take an internship in a software house. . This job has a lot of scope in Pakistan and worldwide. Suppose you want a stable position in the future, start taking entry level web developing jobs.

  • Requirements: This job needs some professional experience in web development. You should know the programming languages like HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 30k to 35k, depending upon working hours and workload.

4. Technical Writing

Technical writing is also among the entry level IT jobs that are in demand in 2021. Technical writers are responsible for producing documentation related to company products, processors, and other services. You can get a job in a software or IT company as a technical writer. This is an entry level IT job which you can start as a part-time also.

  • Requirements: You need strong writing skills and knowledge about the IT field to work with them. The technical writing portfolio is a must for this job.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 20k to 30k, depending upon working hours and the number of articles.

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for marketing a brand or company on social media or other digital platforms. Their focus is to increase sales, create brand awareness, find potential customers, manage a company’s online presence, and control their websites and social media pages.  You can also do this remotely by sitting at home. Join online job portals and find similar jobs to earn money.

  • Requirements: This is the basic entry level IT job and doesn’t require technical knowledge. A person should know how to manage social media platforms and have basic marketing and business world knowledge.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 20k to 30k, depending upon working hours and workload.

6. QA Analyst

Quality assurance or QA analyst is responsible for testing websites, games, and applications before their release. They use a test plan and various tools to identify any bugs or errors that need to replace or fixed in the games or websites. Many software engineers and IT experts start their careers by working as quality analysts in software houses.

  • Requirements: This job needs knowledge of different software methodologies like agile to work as an analyst.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 20k to 30k, depending upon working hours and workload.

7. Front End Web Developer

Front-end developer is also the basic level IT job that you can do. They are responsible for combining the understanding of the design and with practical development skills. They create different web pages using various web-related languages. There are responsible for creating a  website that is user-friendly and attractive to users.

  • Requirements: This job requires technical knowledge of programming languages, web developing skills, and computer skills.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 40k to 50k, depending upon working hours, workload, and tasks.

8. Content Marketing Managers

Content marketing managers are among the basic entry level IT jobs. The role of a content manager is to focus on the marketing-based content of the business or brand. They write blog posts, newsletters, white papers, and articles. They are responsible for sharing their companies work and services with clients.

  • Requirements: Content marketing managers need the necessary skills like HTML and CSS for creating small campaigns or format blogs. Having WordPress skills is a plus in this job.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 20k to 30k, depending upon working hours and workload.

9. Web Content Manager

Web content managers are responsible for formatting and optimizing the content for the web. They are also called CMS managers. Their role exists for media sites and large e-commerce sites where there is a lot of content in line to upload. This role is easy as it requires no technical knowledge. This job is best if you want a career in web editing or copywriting.

  • Requirements: You need good writing and formatting skills for this job.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 20k to 30k, depending upon working hours and workload.

10. Database Administrators (DBA)

DBAs are responsible for database management and managing permission, improving performances, and testing. This is among the difficult entry level IT jobs, and companies won’t hire inexperienced persons for this job.  Database administrators work closely with information system managers and application development teams to perform their tasks.

  • Requirements: To get this job, you must have qualifying professionals and technical skills.
  • Salary: The starting salary is between 30k to 40k, depending upon the field’s workload and experience.

Wrapping Up:

IT field has a lot of scope in future worldwide. Due to advancement in the IT field, the requirement for talented professional individuals has been increased. Students can do many entry levels  IT jobs and start their careers. These jobs require less experience, so any fresh graduate can find these types of jobs, apply to them, and get hired.

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